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Cats-n-car rides

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Do you allow any of your cats to ride with you,like a dog? Toby decided today that he enjoys a car ride. And I have a good friend that also has a cat that LOVES riding with her, and today while I was sitting at Sonic, a car pulled up and low and behold-there was a FAT cat sitting in that car as well!!! I just thought it was kinda comical, like today was the day for cats to cruise!!
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Jasmine and Velvet LOVE car rides (all of my kitties ride in carriers in the car for their own safety though.) Once I get to where i'm going tough- i'll put velvet in her harness and leash (she walks on one better than most dogs) and she'll walk. She LOVES to go to petco...there's one girl who works there that always keeps some kitty treats out to give to her when we go / My other girls hate car rides though.
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I always keep Trout in the carrier...one time when she was little and I was taking her to her first vet appointment, I didn't have a carrier yet. I had to brake hard, and she was sitting on top of the back of the front seat and she went flying to the back...Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! So, that was dumb of me and now I always have her in a carrier..

She hates car rides because the only time she gets them is vet time.
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Both Reilly & Sydney hate car rides (Reilly especially) When I was little we had a siamese named Suki that loved car rides and wearing her harness. We used to take her everywhere. Her favourite place was the beach
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I take a few of mine most of them time when I go to the little store down the road. They can check things out while going down the road (any other time I have then in carriers as well, I have even buckled the carrier in.) and sit in the window so every one coming in and out of the store will see them, I have their little harness and leash. Some people are amazed, they never seen any one take a cat in their car, they always make a big deal about them, and they love it! (So do I ) I only take my male Dante' and kittens when I have them around. My females don't go, I am terrified my queen will slip her harness or any thing, she is an unspayed female, so I don't dare to take her. She will not come to me if she gets loose (Dante' will hang right out with me and follows me) and I wouldn't wan't her to come home pregnant. My other female doesn't like the car or going out, she is a little more shy. But Dante' and the kittens really enjoy it, Dante' will walk around the parking lot and let people hold him so he will go for a car ride if I let him.
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Bijou and Mika both enjoy the car and often Bijou will jump in the car as soon as the car door is opened. We have them trained to harness and leash and often take them shopping with us. They go to the library, hardware store, Canadian Tire, Home Sense and sometimes even the local grocery store with us. We took them on vacation to a cottage with us this past summer and the trip was 4.5 hours each way. Both of them were settled and calm. It did however, take them a couple hours to get comfortable at the cottage.
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