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Did you want to know?

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I was just talking to my SIL and this question popped up. When you were pregnant did you find out the sex of your child? She did, because it was easier to buy things for the baby and come up with names. I have another friend who didn't because she wanted it to be a surprise. How about you?
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Well I don't have kids yet, but when I do I will want to know. I am a big planner and will want to have everything ready. I think the baby itself will be a big enough of a surprise for me.
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I did find out with both. With the first, I just wanted to know everything I could as soon as I could! With the second, I intended on waiting to let it be a surprise, but I couldn't take the suspense so we ended up asking at the ultrasound.
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I don't have any children and I'm not pregnant (that I'm aware of, anyway ), but I think I wouldn't want to know. I want to be surprised. Whether or not I still feel this way when I am pregnant remains to be seen, however ...
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I don't want kids but have discussed this with enough friends to have an opinion anyway. I would not want to know with the first one. Let that one be a surprise, and it's easy enough to design a nursery and get the basic clothes and such in colors that could go either way. I would want to know for any subsequent kids, though, so that I would know if I needed to get (and receive) a bajillion new baby clothes for the opposite sex as the first, or if hand-me-downs would work.
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I absolutely wanted to know, and they REFUSED to tell me. This was 22 years ago, ultrasound was relatively new, and they would only tell you the sex if there was a medical reason to do so.

I had nightmares for months that I was having a boy with dark hair and eyes, but I kept declaring that my baby was going to be a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes.

I got a girl with blonde hair and green eyes after a 36 hour, very horrible and difficult labor.

Can't complain about the eye color.
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I had a friend who didn't want to know, but her husband did.

Gor 9 months he never told her...she never asked.

I guess he told one of her friends though and one day she slipped. So the friend had a stronger feeling for the sex.
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Had I ever had any children, yes, I would have wanted to know!
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Originally Posted by kittylover4ever View Post
Had I ever had any children, yes, I would have wanted to know!
Me, too!
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I don't even think they did those when I was pregnant in the stage coach days I had 3 never knew,,,All Girls
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When I have kids, I want to know. I want to get all the clothes and everything before the baby is born.
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Its funny, DH and I just had this discussion yesterday! I think it would be a lot of fun to not know and be suprised when the baby was born, but I'm a little bit of a perfectionest and want to have the nursery all decked out before the baby gets here. So, I guess I'll find out before hand. I don't think I could hold out the whole nine months anyway!
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i would want to know
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Originally Posted by halfpint View Post
I don't even think they did those when I was pregnant in the stage coach days I had 3 never knew,,,All Girls
Me too, and I wouldn't have wanted to know, one daughter, two sons.Though I was convinced that the third one was a girl, didn’t even consider boys names, He says Rachael wouldn't suit him.
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I want to know beforehand, should I ever have children. I hate surprises!
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My parents didn't want to know at all with either me or my sister, and picked out a girl's name and a boys name... I'm just one chromosome away from being a Michael. But anyway, I would want to know. I don't understand waiting. You're surprised either way, either when they tell you or when it's born, and it doesn't change anything, so why not know? Everybody wants to know so they can think about what kind of clothes and blankies and colors to buy you. If my sister wouldn't tell me I would have had a heart attack by now, trying to shop for her two showers next month.
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I deffinatley will want to know! I mean I have to design the nursery!
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I didn't want to know either time. One of the reasons was I wanted a girl and might have been disappointed if I knew it was a boy a head of time. And this way I got to call my son Emily for 9 months anyway. (I did have his boy's name picked out too.) By the time the 9 months is over, you're just ready for a baby and it doesn't matter what sex it is. You just want a healthy baby. I'm not big into decorating and had lots of cute neutral outfits to bring him home in. Also since the baby was in our room, we could have done the nursery after he was born anyway.

Another thing, especially with ultrasounds, I've heard of people being told its one sex and turns out to be the other. That would be a disaster. Although now a days, lots of men wear pink.
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I won't be having kids, but if I did I wouldn't want to know. I'd just pick out a boys and girls name so unlike me s/he wouldn't be unnamed for 2 weeks
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We didn't want to know, since we like our surprises.

The grandparents, however, went nuts and wanted to call my doctor to try to find out!

Cheers, from
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I don't have children yet, but when I do- i definitely want to know what i'm having in advance I'm the type that likes to plan ahead and i will be thrilled knowing what i'm having so i can be a little prepared and be able to personalize everything for my baby. I've already decided on a neutral wall color (i like pale yellows and greens) and lots of giraffe decor I can't wait to have a baby!!!!I have a huge list of names picked out and everything
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With my son, I wanted to find out and did when I was 6 months pregnant.

If I ever chose to have another biological child (may not because I want to be a foster parent in the future or may adopt if possible), I would chose not to find out the sex. I would want to know what both ways felt like.
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I HATE surprises!!! I'll be finding out as soon as I can I want to pick out a name, have lots of pink or blue clothes ready, have a colour themed nursery and so forth all ready for when the little one comes.
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I wanted to know with my oldest. I found out at 4 months pregnant. Something in my heart told it it was a boy anyways.

With Deacon they couldn't tell what I was having. He kept turning and hiding But again, something told me it was a boy. I had him in less then 4 hours. Right before he was born (like 2 minutes) the Dr asked if I knew what I was having. I said the ultrasound couldn't tell but I knew in my heart it was a boy.
5 seconds after being born, as the Dr held him in the air she says "It's a b....." and he peed RIGHT ON HER CHEST! I said "a boy!"

The child still pees on anything that doesn't move and he's 5 now!
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I am not yet pregnant, but I will want to know when I am....I am a planner....
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