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Happy Friday 13!

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Have a great day everyone! *hugs*
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I love Friday the 13s. Friday is my fav day and 13 is my lucky number (I'm odd - I know). This is always a great day! Everyone have an amazingly eventful (in a good way) day!
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Happy Friday the 13th!!! It's going to be a wonderful day!!!
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triskaidekaphobia \\tris-ky-dek-uh-FOH-bee-uh\\, noun: a morbid fear of the number 13 or the date Friday the 13th.:tounge2:
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Hey Ady - Friday the 13th has always been my lucky day too! 13 is also my favorite number, reverse superstition I guess. I have always loved the word triskadekaphobia, too. It sounds so impressive.
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Heidi! Great to know another Friday the 13 lover! 1st time I ever played roulette in Vegas I bet black 13 and it landed - I got $200
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Woo hoo adymarie! I love seeing people go all funnny and superstitious LOL
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Happy Friday the 13th everyone!!!

Nothing out of the ordinary happened yet! But, I am not superstitious.

Hey, does anyone know what all the superstitions are? That would be great to know.

Never walk under a ladder: The only fear I have of walking under a ladder is of knocking down whoever is standing on it!

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Something about, whenever you cook with salt, you have to throw a pinch over your left shoulder.
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Step on a crack and you'll break your mother's back!
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If we run out, there's a good web site about superstitions here.
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I used to have a book about superstitions that was really interesting. The one about salt is that if you spill salt you have to throw some over your right shoulder. I have to admit, I am superstitious about walking under ladders, don't know why.

Never open an umbrella indoors.

Break a mirror and have 7 years of bad luck.
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My favorite is saying "God bless you" after someone sneezes. It started because people believed your soul would be blown out of your body by a sneeze, and the Devil could enter. Blessing someone prevented that until their soul returned.
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Obviously a non cat lover thought of the don't let a black cat cross your path or you will have 7 years bad luck

Same bad luck for a broken mirror.
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I had heard that when you sneeze, your heart temporarily stops beating and that if you survive this, you have been blessed by God. Hence, God Bless You.

Just what I heard...
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that would be a terrible way to die...
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Very interesting....

I heard that "God Bless You" originated in Britain during the big plague. So many people were dying from it that as soon as someone sneezed it was recognised as a symptom of the plague and meant you'd probably die - hence the blessing......

Any other explanations?????

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Depending upon the country, all of those explanations hold true.

Also, in some countries, it isn't BLACK cats that are unlucky but, WHITE ones.

It is said that all black cats have a few white hairs. This is because so many purely black cats were killed, during the Dark Ages. This, significantly depleted the black cat gene pool.

Of course, the mass cat exterminations also, led to the depletion of the human gene pool. Fewer cats led to a rodent population explosion, causing the plague epidemics, of the times.
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We had a Friday the 13th????? damn I missed it. LOL
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Isn't the throwing salt over your shoulder meant to be throwing it into the devil's eye?

My strangest superstition, from my Irish mother, is not putting an umbrella on a table - no idea why. I think she got confused with two popular ones in the UK - not opening umbrellas indoors and not putting shoes on tables - both terribly unlucky. Everyone thinks I'm weird with my compulsive umbrella moving.

Did anyone sing "Ring-a-ring a roses" as a small child? I heard that the song originated from the Plague.

Don't look at a full moon through a window.

Always leave from the same door that you came into a house.

If you have a hive of bees, whisper to them all the family news, or else they will leave and bad luck will fall on the family.
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"Ring-a-ring-'a-roses" refers to the rosy spots on plague victims.

"A pocket full of posies" - herbs carried to ward off the plague and mask the stench.

"Ashes, ashes"- the burned bodies of the victims.

"We all fall down"- death.
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