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Vibes for my grandma?

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She's 85 & having surgery on Thursday, my 20th birthday. We had expected her to have surgery later this month, but they got an openeing & bumped her up. It's back surgery....she has a "pinch" in 3 places. She lives alone in her house & it is very doubtful that she can recover there(drs. don't think she can), so not only do we have to convince her she'll be better off in an assisted living facility, but we have to hope the one in town has room! Gosh, I'm kinda freaking out. My mom had the same surgery a few months ago for one "pinch" & was miserable for 2 weeks, I cannot imagine how my grandma will heal having it done on 3 spots & being 35 years older!
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I'm sorry to hear about you grandma, I will keep her in my prayers and send {{{{{healing vibes}}}}} to her.
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I hope everything goes well and she heals quickly {{{{{Vibes}}}}}
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Aww Bless your Grandmother, I'm sure she's a strong woman, she might surprise you. Sending get well soon, healing vibes!
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{{{get well vibes}}} for your Grandma!
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I'll keep Grandma and the whole family in my thoughts and prayers.
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Sending lots of vibes for your Grandma.
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sending lots of luck for your Grandma!
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Sending lots of prayers to your Grandma!
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and prayers to you and your Grandma.
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Be strong and heal quick vibes for Grandma!
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I'm sending lots of her way!
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Prayers, good vibes, and headbutts coming your way!
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She made it through the surgery OK. Possibly spending 10 days in the hospital now, but then we still don't know where she's gonna live! She cannot be alone in her house, doctors orders.
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Glad she made it out of surgery ok, hope you can find her a good place to live
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I didn't see this before Natalie! glad your grandma's surgery went well, my Grandpa had knee replacement surgery a few months ago and they said that he wouldn't be able to be on his own either, but he was adamant and went home after recovery
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Just saw this. I'm so glad that her surgery went well. Have you had any luck finding someplace for her?
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Well, we are looking at the nursing home wing in the hospital-but only until she is well enough to live at home on her own(with us checking in regularly). My gram's a donkey....she doesn't want to be some "old fart....stuck in a chair....then she syas some thngs I won't say here" She'll recover better at home, but my mom had the same surgery & she couldnt do anything on her own, there's no way grandma can be home. She just needs to really realize that.

I've been keeping my fingers crossed the nursing home wing of the hospital will have room for short term!
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Vibes }}} that they do. Most hospitals are pretty good about long-term care. I know the ones around here usually try to accomodate people if they are waiting to get into nursing homes, so I don't see why they wouldn't if they had room. Prayers for your grandmother's continued good recovery - she sounds like a trooper!
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I'm happy to hear that Grandma's surgery went well.
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Glad to hear surgery went well. Just remember her attitude is probably the reason she has been independent until now. It will probably make her recovery easier too. Sending get well quick vibes.
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