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Less is more

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I've noticed that when I feed my cats higher quality food they eat less. Is this typical or does it mean they don't like the good food as well?
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No ... If the cats were not making up for some nutrient deficiancy or were at one pt feral or stray .... They should eat less on high end food than low end... Some high ends are very nutrient dense while others arent...

hope that explains a little

Kandie ate friskies for yrs wet and dry ... I got her to eat eagle pack she ate about the same ... I switched her to Max senior and for about three months she ate the same then she dropped by half ...
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I'v eusually fed a combo of 9Lives wet and MeowMix dry and they eat like they are starving. Well, I recently added Eagle Pack to their rotation and I noticed when I fed them the EP wet for more than 2 days in a row they began leaving some in their bowls "for later" instead of scarfing it all down at once. It made sense that the increased nutiritonal value wold account for the less ammount consimed I was just wondering if others had noticed similar things when switching to a higher quality food.
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I've noticed that too. I used to feed Purina One, and after switching to higher quality brands several years ago, my cats only eat about 3/4 of the amount they did before.
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