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I am getting worried.........

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I went in this morning for blood work, and my blood pressure was high again! And she even tried it on both arms. When I went to the Dr 2 weeks ago, he told me it was high there as well. I am really starting to get worried now..........what in the world could it be from?? Please reassure me guys, cause I am really worried.
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Honey, please try to calm down.............it will all work out and they'll get you fixed up!! (I'm so good at giving advice but not so good at taking it!)
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Do you remember what the numbers were?

They base "normal" on 120/80, but that doesn't mean that your blood pressue will be 120/80, and that if it's not 120/80 that it's "abnormal". They just need something to guage by so they use 120/80 as a comparison.

If you weren't started on high blood pressure medications, it's not too high.
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It is also hereditary, does anyone in your family have it?
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If he hasn't put you on medication, I wouldn't worry about it. Lower your salt intake. Here are the ranges for blood pressure.

Less than 120/80


High Blood Pressure
Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3
180 or higher/110 or higher

I take blood pressure meds twice a day. I was at Stage 3 when I was diagnosed. Mine now is in the normal to prehyper stages now. At least your doctor is aware of the situation. Do everything he says to do!!!! I ignored it at first and when I did get on meds, didn't take it like I should, (I took it once a day at that time) and had a major wakeup call in Dec 2004 in the form of a small stroke.

Like Natalie said, if he hasn't put you on meds, then don't worry about it. Limit the use of your salt.

If you have any questions, PM me..

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I am calling the Dr office now to find out what the numbers are, I have forgotten. I know like the first time it was 180/something(2 weeks ago) and then today it was 130/something..........I will let ya know when I get the #'s.

And btw-no it doesnt run in my family.
Well from today it was 130/82 on my left arm, then she re did it on right arm and it was 123/98.
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