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Lately B's cat Patches is being a real pig.

A little background: we're feeding his other cat (Beauty) soft food in the morning and at night since we have been finding crumbs in food bowls and she had lost a LOT of weight (so we think she isn't eating).

In order for me to do this, I encourage Beauty into the bedroom, shut the door and feed her...while Patches and Whitey remain outside. Once Beauty is done (usually 1/3 of the wet food), Patches will come in and eat 1/2 of the remaining and leave the other half for anyone else or later.

A couple of days ago B had to yell at Patches because she kept crying the whole time Beauty was being fed (despite the dry food recently being filled). I mean CRY-ING/HOWLING etc.

Then this morning I decided to try and distract all the other cats by giving them treats during Beauty's feeding time. Luna was still sniffing at hers when Patches came over and tried to take it (or maybe she did ) Anyways I heard Luna growl and cry, Patches his and when I stormed in only Patches remained at the scene.

In addition Patches has gained A LOT of weight in the past 2 months. Nothing out of the ordinary has changed that I can tell.