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Multiple Feeding..a little long

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I'm wanting to bounce off some thoughts with other kitty owners. I have three cats. All three are strictly indoors. Kitty A is a long hair, big boned cat that has been fatter but has lost some weight. He is looking good, never had any feeding problems. Kitty B is a feral adopted earlier this year who has just turned one and was skin and bone when we got her. She went on a total eating spree and consequently gained way to much weight. I'm sure my vet would refer to her as obese right now. Kitty C is Kitty A's brother a mixed breed shorthair who is at ideal weight, but seems to have a problem with dry food. He eats it and throws up.

They get fed a spoonful of wet food morning and night (mostly a treat) and then have dry food morning and night. With Kitty C throwing up I have tried lots of branded foods especially the hairball transit systems and found that these actually agravated the problem. I then tried Royal Canin Special 33 which is for sensitive stomachs. This is the only dry food Kitty C will not throw up...problem is Kitty B needs a weight reducing diet .

How can I juggle feeding one cat a "Slim" formula and the other a "Special" formula. They never eat their food in one sitting, they purrfer to nibble throughout the day. When I put the dry food down they take a few mouthfuls and then come back later, until it's finished.(Which I wonder if it's not being finished by Kitty B !!)

Any ideas??
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Does the larger cat have trouble jumping onto places the sensitive stomach cat can? If so, you can feed the one with a sensitive stomach up high and the larger cat on the floor.
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I know you said your free feed, but in this situation maybe it would be better to have set meal times so you could feed them in separate rooms. This way you can control what each kitty is eating. My cats used to free feed, but now I fill their bowl each morning and they eat most of right off the bat, sort of like breakfast. Then I refill later and they have "dinner". But I don't keep food in the dish in between and they don't seem to mind.

Let us know how you make out.
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While I was doing research for the sister site of TheCatsite.com. I ran across a merchant who may have just what you are looking for. She advertised on Meowhoo.com and her link is here. I hope it helps you.

Hollow Stump
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Thanks for the suggestions. The Kitty cafe sure looks handy. I'm going to try to coax them to eat at set times and restrict the amount of free food for a while and see what happens.

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