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Guin is not a happy boy - we moved house!

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Hello everyone, long time no post!

I moved nearly 5 weeks ago from a 1 bedroom flat on 1 level to a 3 bedroom house on 2 levels. Guinness is taking quite a while to adjust to the new house. He spends most of the time hiding under my duvet and when he does come out to play, he only plays for a while before he gets scared and then gos back to hide. Most of the time he is upstairs in the house and he seems afraid to come down to the ground floor except to eat/drink and use the litter tray. I think he is finding getting used to the downstairs hard seeing as I used to live on the first floor.

If a car pulls up in the street or a person walks past he runs and hides. Guin has always been a very timid cat and only lets me stroke him and pick him up so I have known that he is shy, yet I feel really sorry for him right now as he is spending most of his time in hiding. In the flat, we used to have stairs to the back door so Guin could go out and play if he wanted via his cat flap (he could also run out and hide when guests arrived!). I am having a cat flap fitted in the new house at the end of January for him to go outside. (of course, I will take some time to introduce him to the new garden).

He has also started to be extremely vocal during the night time (3am most nights). He is not meowing but shrieking. I am losing sleep and even though I am a really patient person, I am starting to get frustrated that it has taken this long for him to settle.

Is this normal behaviour? It has been nearly 5 weeks. Please help.

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I have just ordered two Feliway plug-in's after reading some old posts on here...hopefully they will arrive over the next few days so I can get them plugged in for my boy
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The first thing I wondered was how old Guinness was when this move occurred and how long he had lived in the flat prior. Cats can be very slow to accept new environments. We bought a new recliner a few months ago and Persi would go no where near it for weeks but is laying in it right now so I think and hope that your cat will be accepting his new surroundings in time. Best of vibes for Guinness.
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