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Litter digging obsession!

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I recently took in a cat from a friend. He used to be indoor/outdoor and was not given regular access to a litter box inside. He's now completely indoors and he's so well behaved...except for one thing. When he uses his litter box, he digs as deep as he can, makes his deposit, and proceeds to spend a good ten to fifteen minutes "thoroughly" burying his treasure. I use quotations because he obsessively digs so much that he flings litter and, somtimes poo, everywhere. He often gets it on his paws and at night the obsessive scratching at the litter box drives me bonkers. I have a self-cleaning litter box so it can't be that he's angry that his box is dirty. It seems like he is neurotically trying to cover up his smell. No other cats use his box and he's been here a month and seems to feel at home. Why is he doing this? He's making a mess! Does it have something to do with his past experiences of being left outside or not being used to a litter box? What can I do to fix this issue? How can I get him to just do his business, cover it up, and move on?
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My boy cat does this especially the first time he uses it in the morning. It seems almost like he is trying to get everything just so for the day. I have no idea why he does this. I have the litter boxes in a large walk-in closet with a linoleum floor and I just keep cleaning up after him.
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Funny you mentioned the diggers. Charlie is a digger. Right now he's using the small pan cause he doesn't have total access to the entire house. Downstairs (where he hasn't been yet) is the covered litter pan.

Ling digs a little, but Charlie digs to China! I'll put both pans down here, but may wind up having to get another deeper pan (like the covered) one so they won't be getting litter outside the pan.

I have the little pan on a towel to catch some of it. Try a deeper covered pan for your digger.

BTW I kinda discourage them from digging by saying "ok that's enough" and they usually will stop and jump out.
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When Hannah gets to digging, I ask her if she's made it to her destination yet! She's such a fastidious little cleaner that she routinely covers any and all waste in the 3 litter boxes several times a day. She usually scooops all the litter to one end or one side of the box, too!

I'd get a covered box for your guy. At least the litter wouldn't be flung all over the place. Or, you could try getting a deep plastic tote from Wal-Mart and using that instead of one of the litter boxes you find at a pet store.
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My Eric and Fluffy are "excavators". Eric is especially diligent. He digs and digs to create just the right spot to do his business then digs and digs again to cover it. I switched to covered litter boxes because of him. With open boxes he was flinging litter all over the area.
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One of my cat is a digger also and also obessive in making sure he buries it with a pile high of litter. I got fed up brooming the litter in the bathroom floor so I just got a cover litter box. Now, he can dig and bury all he wants.
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One of my cats digs a ton and I can't stand it. He makes such a god damn mess and I'm sick of cleaning up after him.
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A tub, or storage container, with high sides will help solve litter flinging problems.
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Chynna is a shoveller too! If it weren't for the hard plastic bottom and the floor beneathe, I swear she would dig her way to Asia!!!

Try a different litter box. The kind that has flaps that fold inward on all 4 sides. Or use a rubbermaid plastic container, the kind for storage. Someone posted instructions on how to make a litter box from one. Search the forums for rubbermaid and it should show up.
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What can I do to fix this issue?

Seriously, two suggestions:
* Covered box. Puppy still can make a little pile if he keeps half his body out of the box, but at least it's not all over the place. However, I think if I get a Booda Dome, this will stop too. Right now I'm just using the regular covered box due to space issues.
* Crystal litter. I use the corn-based litters most of the time, but I did use crystals once. They're so heavy that Puppy couldn't fling them all over the place.

Some cats just like to dig. Puppy even goes in his box to ONLY dig, forget going to the bathroom.
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