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Starting this Sat for 10 days I will be housesitting for some friends. They have a B I G dog (only a puppy though), 3 cats and a rabbit. Their house is on the other side of town and I've contemplated 2 things. 1) leave my cat at home and check on her every other day or 2) bring her with me.

Things I've been thinking about
*Precious HAS been around other cats but never dogs.
*Over Christmas we gave her this medicine to calm her down while she was in a strange environment. It seemed to work...she even warmed up to my parents and was OK with the other cats 'invading' her space.

I'm worried about leaving her by herself as the dog is free to roam the house during the day.

Any advice or suggestions? Thanks!
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Honestly, it will probably be best to leave your cat home, in her familiar territory. There is no better way to stress the cat out, than to remove her from her own surroundings, and then have her try to adjust temporarily to other animals! To avoid a major pain in your butt, it will be better to just check in on your cat at home periodically...she may not like being away from you, but she'd HATE being in a strange environment with foreign animals!
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Thanks for your input...I've been thinking and it's more of a pain in the butt to move all her stuff out there anyway.....
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