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Persian kitten...

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Hi! While at home over the holiday's I got to meet this little guy, he was a christmas present from my boyfriend's uncle to his wife. But i was a little troubled by it all... They have actually had him for one month (he had a family member hold on to him), he is supposedly 5 months old but he half the size of my cat that is only 4 months old. I don't know much about persians so i don't know if that is normal or not. Also, the papers they got with him said that was cream point but he obviously flame point, i think. He had a lot of eye gunk, and sometimes his third eye lid was halfway onto his eyes.

I was just worried about this cute little kitten, and about the reputability of the breeder. He was shipped from another another province, so they didn't see the breeder's house or anything. I know they paid a lot for him ($800 CAN plus shipping), but i know that doesn't necessarily mean that he's a properly breed persian. Or is these problems due to his treatment in the last month with the family member?

You can see how gunky his eyes are in those pictures.

This picture you can see how small he is:
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its hard to tell from the photos truly, but he looks of good size. persians mature slowly. I dont deal with the points side of persians so i cant say for certain, but his points to appear to me by th photos to be flame. not cream. But sometimes breeders to make mistakes on color.

in reguard to his size though he looks fine, and his eye gunk looks normal for a kitten whos eyes havent been cleaned. this is a normal task for persians, perhaps the person tending to him didnt clean them.
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I think he might be a little on the smaller side, but he could go thru a growth spurt soon. He is pet quality - nose too long for a himi/persian. Price is a bit high IMO - did it include the neutering? If not, then IMO it was a little on the high side.

What are they feeding the kitten? And persians need DAILY grooming - if they don't keep the eyes clean, he will have a lot of bad staining. He should be combed every day, ears checked/cleaned once a week, and nails clipped once a week.

BTW he is flame (red) point - cream point would be a lot paler.
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Persians have extra large round eyes and need their eyes cleaned out regularly, I do Persi's eyes every morning when I comb/brush him. Regarding size, Persi's mother is huge (I have met her), whe must be 14 pounds. Persi quickly gained weight until he hit nine pounds about a month ago and has now appeared to have suddenly stopped gaining. I know he will take off again so I am not worried about it. As far as the points are concerned, I do not know but know Persi is a seal point and he continues to get darker as he ages.
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Thanks everyone, although i don't know if i relieved that it isn't a breeder issue or worried that it is a current grooming and treatment problem. I know the people that have him don't know a lot about cats, they were planning to de-claw him but hopefully i scared them enough not to. Hopefully next time i see him then he is all cleaned up and happy.
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How much would that be in us money? I am not sure about persians, but I thought they tended to be around 350-500 for pets? I charge 600 for my pets, ragdolls, so I know that is different. I also include shots, de-worming, kittens kitts with food, toys, blanket, and of coarse they are altered. (so before altering I sold them for 500, with every thing included except altering.
I also (when I have them) give them a new collar or halter and leash (mostly I do that when I know and like the person, LOL! or I ship them, I like to have a collar with the new owners name, number, ect in case it some how gets loose at the airport, on the way home, ect.
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800 CAN is about 690 US. And no, he isn't neutured yet.
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