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Cat show questions for ACFA entry forms, etc...

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What is the difference between a one day entry and a two day? Tobie will be entered as alter HHP, so is one day enough?

What about all the blanks on the form? Since he's not purebred, I don't have a registration number and all that. Or am I misunderstanding what they want?

What is the correct answer for breed... domestic longhair? What about Tobie's color? (This is the question of the ages... LOL)

Okay, next I see a bunch of options to check for "Non-championship" and "Championship." How do I know which ones to enter him in? My choices for non-champ are kitten, LH HHP, SH HHP, Royal HHP, and Supreme HHP. For champ, I have whole cat, alter, open, Champion and Grand Champion.

Obviously, some of the stuff is self-explanatory. This will be Tobie's first show, so I just want to make sure I do it right and enter him in the correct categories. He's getting fixed tomorrow, so he'll be an alter by the time of the show.

Thank you guys so much... I've been to cat shows, but didn't pay attention to the details so much. I'm very excited to be entering Tobie. It should be fun!
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Do I need to become a member of the ACFA to enter the show? Do I need to get a registration number for Tobie to enter him in the show? I ask because the rules mention this: "Recorded Household Pet - A Household Pet that has been recorded with ACFA in accordance with the Rules of the Association."

Eeek.. this is more confusing than I thought it would be! Is a serial number the same thing as a registration number?

I think Tobie's "serial number" is HHP-MXL-?? They don't have anything close to his color listed in the rules.

Oh, and about altering, the rules say that they need proof mailed to the office in order to enter the alter class... Tobie will be altered, but... so... how do I enter him??

I have a headache.
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The best thing for you to do really, is call the entry clerk and ask there! I'm not ACFA so I really can't help you with any and all your questions but, here's my 2 cents - Domestic Long Hair (DLH), depending on age, should be LH HHP and I guess his color (based on your siggy) is brown tabby white! Attach a copy of your vax card which has date of neuter put in...usually.

Most registries are quite lenient with HHp entries since it's all for fun!

Good luck and don't stress out too much!
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Thanks for the advice. I've e-mailed the clerk, hopefully she'll get back to me. I feel bad asking so many questions!

That pic doesn't show his color very well... he's actually pretty unusually colored, which is part of the reason I'm entering him. A few on here thought he might be a chocolate silver (ticked and longhaired). Here's a few better pics...

Compared to a brown tabby...
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The entry clerk just e-mail me back on a few questions I had too. Glad to hear you decided to go. She told me that I could enter Duke in the HHP class for both days. This is so exciting! I can hardly wait!
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She just got back to me too!!! Yippee!!! I'm so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am debating whether to go both days or not... there's the cost of the hotel, plus I don't know how he'll handle the whole thing, though I suspect he'll be fine.

Is it a bad idea for me to get him neutered now (since his mane hasn't fully grown in) if I want to show him in the future? He's actually going in tomorrow, but I can cancel.
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Where's pics of Duke? Let's see what I'm up against here... Just kidding. Seriously, though... you don't have a sig, so I don't know your beautiful furkids.
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I don't think altering him will have any impact on his fur. You should be fine. I would go ahead with the appointment.

As for Duke, heres a few pics I took recently:

We'll be in two different classes though. Duke is a short hair.
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I can pretty much answer all the questions since I was a HHP judge in ACFA and showed my rex there.

Unlike CFA (where you have to attend both days), ACFA and TICA hold "day" shows - you can enter one or both days (cost less per ring if entering both days). If you are unsure of how your cat will act, its better to just go one day - either day is fine

He would be listed as a HHP (household pet) - LH (longhair) or SH (shorthair) and in the non-championship class. HHP's don't have to be registered - only if you want to pursue a "title" for him (like champion/grand champion equivilant). Breed would be just HHP - LH or HHP - SH.

As far as color - ohhhhhhhh he's the one we couldn't figure out! I would list him as a shaded chocolate lynx point HHP - LH. Maybe the judges at the show can help out on his color in person.

BTW which ACFA show are you going to? I want to see who's judging

Any other ACFA questions you have, feel free to email me or private message me - will be glad to help you out

How old is he - if he will be 8 months old on the day of the show, he HAS to be neutered in the HHP classes. Get him done now, don't worry about his coat (he's not a purebred) and the coat actually will be better as he matures
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He is around six months now. The clerk said we can change the color once we get to the show, so I guess I'm not worried about that part now. He can't be pointed because he doesn't have blue eyes, right? Also, since he'll be in the kitten class, whatever points he gets won't count once he's an adult, so it doesn't matter that he's registered with the ACFA at this point, correct? If there is a Championship in the HHP class, I'd like to go for it, assuming he does well.

The show is in Crown Point, IN on January 13/14. The judges are:
Carol Barbee
Dolores Kennedy
Don Finger
Jim Mendenhal
Judy Eastwood
Paul Stephens
Mike Wilcox

Thanks for your help!! I'm so excited!!
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Tonkinese are "pointed" cats with aqua eye color You might even get 8 different color But Carol Barbee (she's the breeder I got one of my rexes from) - is a very good with color genetics, so after she judges him, ask her (during breaks) to help you figure it out.

They don't split the HHP kittens/adults. Just that the kittens will probably be listed first (age order). If he does well, ask for the forms to register him and any finals he gets will count towards titles if you register him in a certain amount of time.

You only have to worry about what color/class he is when you register. So hopefully the judges can help you out. Let me know what Carol says

Also if you can, bring along some of the other pictures of the brothers/sisters and parents like you had in there - that will help Carol figure it out Good luck - hope he brings home some rosettes for you.
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Thanks, Goldenkitty! I'll bring in pics and see what she says. His eyes aren't aqua either... they are more somewhat light golden yellow with bluish green in the center. I remember reading somewhere that some of the tonks don't have aqua eyes....

The only other characteristic described in the Tonkinese standard that is affected by coat pattern is eye color. The eye color is blue at birth and starts to change at around six weeks at later. It can continue to change for many months and more slowly as the cat ages over the years. Normally Points have blue eyes, Minks have aqua eyes, and solids have green to yellow/green eyes. This is due to the effects of the heat sensitive alleles inhibiting eye pigment from developing. But it is possible for eye color to vary from what is the standard for the particular coat pattern. Eye color does not determine coat pattern and is sometimes not consistent with the standard.

Keep your fingers crossed! I'd love to bring home a rosette. Reminds me of my dancing days when I had a whole bookcase devoted to my ribbons and trophies... I wasn't vain or anything, no way...

Okay, I'll shut up now. I'll probably be messaging you about grooming.
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No problem - I'll help you in any area. Since he's long hair you might want to plan on the bath Wednesday or Thursday before the show (I'm assuming you will be doing both days)?

Keep him combed every day so you don't have mats. Will give you the
"show grooming routine" later
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GK, there was a judge at the last show that was just awesome. He was an older gentleman placing the Best Cat finals. He handled the cats very well and explained in detail why he chose each cat. He was very funny as well. People seemed to like him. Any idea who this judge is???

Originally Posted by Godiva View Post
The show is in Crown Point, IN on January 13/14. The judges are:
Carol Barbee
Dolores Kennedy
Don Finger
Jim Mendenhal
Judy Eastwood
Paul Stephens
Mike Wilcox
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That would describe a bunch of the male judges in ACFA So without a name, can't tell you who it might have been - sorry.
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Well, I guess thats a good thing then! LOL!

At this upcoming show (Godiva and I will be at the same one) I plan to take a ton of pics and post a Cat Show blog on my website. Maybe Godiva can help me with the pics. Maybe we can ask the clerk to bench us together.
Who decides where you get benched?
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You and her should call the entry clerk now (or email) with your benching request. They usually don't do the benching list till about a week before the show - or when the entries close and they have all the benching requests.

So both of you call now and ask to be benched with each other
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