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Anyone have a *good* introduction story??

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I'm still considering whether or not to adopt Monkey into our household (see post 'Need Advice-- Should I get another cat-- a blind cat?!'), and I've been reading all the helpful postings on this site. It seems like there are so many horror stories about multi-cat households! I'm really feeling dubious as to whether this is a good idea-- I don't want to traumatize Georgia at all.

Does anyone have any good stories about introducing a new cat into a home that already had a resident cat (especially introducing a female cat into a home with a female resident)? I'd love to hear them!
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I think it all depends on what you are expecting at the end of process. When I got married, my husband had a 3 year old cat and I had a 5 year cat, both females. They never were cuddly housemates, but they were able to come up with a truce. I even was able to get them to lay down near each other as long as my cat, Petunia, didn't see the other cat.

When we lost Petunia, we soon adopted Lucy as a kitten. Lucy just absolutely adores Much (who was 10 years old when we got Much). They will sleep in the same chair http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b3...catschair3.jpg but not do the cuddly things that some of the other members have with their cats.

We had good results when we introduced Carly. She isn't able to cuddle with the other cats but they are able to stay in the same room. http://i16.photobucket.com/albums/b3...catschair2.jpg She does try to interact with the others. Much is standoffish and Lucy is just a brat (but what do you expect with her tortietude? ), But overall, they co-exist well. Sometimes Carly and Lucy will chase each other in play.

They are able to live together and are all hanging out on the sofa with us now.
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I have seventeen cats that live here with us. Because there are cats coming and going all the time, I don't sweat the introductions. The most recent rescue Cole, is now fully acclimated into the gang. I had him four days before taking him out of isolation and putting him with the others. The newest rescue Buzzby is still in isolation until his loose stool gets under control and his eye infection clears up.

I have had blind kitties, special needs kitties, feral kitties, strays and bottle babies here. I have learned that hissing and growling is fine, swatting is acceptable. I get concerned when there is active chasing while tails are low- either held to the ground or tucked between the legs- this usually follows with an all out battle. Tails held high or in a question mark are play signs.

I have also learned that bringing a new cat in the house when the resident cats are watching is accomplished so much easier if the carrier is slid across the floor and not raised up or held in your arms. Height in the cat world represents alpha status.

I have learned that the cats can find their way with each other if I basically stay out of the mix. I do stand in the corner, emotions even with a dark blanket nearby in case the newcomer gets pounced on.

Introducing a new cat into a household where there are already problems that can't seem to be solved is not always the right thing to do. it really all depends on you and your resident cats and the relationship you share.
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Thanks for the advice so far. We have a phenomenal relationship-- that's one reason why I'm concerned, because I don't want to do anything to wreck it.

And yet, I have more than enough love to give this other little kitty, and I also know I can give her the care and medical attention she deserves.
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we got sephie in july and got gabriel in feb. It was a little rough at first and living in an appartment it's too hard to keep everyone seperate so we winged it. Gabriel hid under the couch and Sephie doesn't go under things so it was a good place to retreat for him.
After 3 days, they were chasing each other, playing, tumbling and sleeping together.
We got Orion in October and Sephie only hissed once and he is a father figure to Orion. He licks him all over, they sleep together, play with each other. Gabriel and Orion get along but are not cuddly. It took Gabriel about 1.5week to accept that Orion was staying.

Isis is another story. We've had her 6 weeks now and she likes no one. Gabriel wants to get close to her but she won't have it! Sephie hates her and Orion is scared of her but curious.
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Our cats have all done great with introductions. In fact, one of them (Molly) actually became MORE friendly as we added more cats - both to us humans and toward other cats. She still doesn't like them, mind you, but she's not freaking out every time one of them gets near her anymore. The other cats still have their squabbles every now and then, but we've never had any major problems. I do know that adding a new cat can sometimes change your old cats behavior, though, so I'd introduce them slowly. Maybe you could put the new cat in isolation and let the old cat get used to the smell of him/her on you? I've also heard of putting baby powder on both cats bottoms when you do finally introduce them, and that way everyone smells alike, but I've never tried it. Our cats did fine without it, but we have pretty laid-back breeds.

Hope this helps.
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