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no voice?

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Ok this is weird. I came home and all the boys came running as usual. And I of course greeted them and noticed their bowls were empty which usually prompts a lot of meowing. Well I look at Gabriel and he is meowing but nothing is coming out of his mouth..no sound.
He doesnt usually meow much but he did it a couple of times.

Has this happened to anyone else before? He's fine other than that, playing, running.
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Mine all have different meows for different things. A few of them does include a very faint meow. Its usually when they have been sleeping and want some wake up love. But I would certainly keep an eye on him, just in case.
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i found a hair ball. I read somewhere that hairballs sometimes do that. I will definately keep an eye on him.

It was just the weirdest thing. I wonder how I can make him meow to check, he really doesn't meow much.
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I would just make sure all his other behaviors are normal. Eating, using the litterbox. If hes not a big meower then he may have just been sleeping before you walked in.
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I've had many kitties that will do the soundless meow motion, my kitten Tomas does this a lot when he's asleep or half awake. My other cat Sho does not meow at all unless he's in pain, tail/paw accidently stepped on or the kitten chewing on him. Maybe it's just a lazy sort of mew?
If your kitty Gabriel meows at the other cats you could try imitating their meows and see if he responds to you, just make sure it isn't a low long meow, more of a short happy-ish mew.
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believe it or not, i tried that and he just looked at me like i was nuts..lol

I'll try again, I had to deep clean the bird cages so they are in my room for now. I'll check on them in a little bit. He's not a big meower so it's hard. Orion meows a lot and is very vocal but not the others.
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He has his voice! Sheesh, i've had him a year and he's never done that...he's silly!!

I'm glad he's ok..lol

sorry for the scare!
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Thats good news!
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My cat has done that too. She doesn't have any abnormal behaviors it's just every once in a while she meows without a voice. I don't think much of it.....maybe I should?
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One of my cats sometimes does that "silent meow", and has since she was a kitten. From what I've read, it's not a problem, just something cats do sometimes.
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