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ok this might not be the right place to post this. if it is, im terribly sorry. but you know the little "rating" things that are right under your name? like im "young cat"? so what are those? can you "get promoted" or somthing to a higher one?
just been wondering this for awhile. soryy if this is a stupid question!
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Not stupid at all! Here is the thread that explains the Usergroups. Note that the first item in each definition is the requirement to qualify for the group; the rest are the perks that come with the group.

So, as of this writing, you have 27 posts to go before you will be an Adult Cat (you already have the time required). And the perks that come with that status are:

20 stored PMs
20 additional avatars to choose from
40 Kb in uploaded attachments
Posting access to IMO, if over 18.

Happy posting!
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ohhhh ok! thanx very much!
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