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long posts?

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I was trying to post a message seeking some advice. Unfortunately it has to do with both health and behaviour.

I didn't realize there is a character limitation on posts?

Will I have to split up my info and questions into multiple posts?

Sorry ... I am new here.
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I believe the character limitation is more on the other side of posting, i.e., too few characters will not allow you to post. There are some pretty loooong posts around so I doubt that would be a problem. One thing I might suggest though, is that if you can keep the problem to a shorter text it has more chance of being read carefully. Sometimes when posts are too long we (and I do certainly include myself) tend to just skim through them rather than really, really read them. Just an idea.
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Most VB board do have limits... on the high and low side. I'm not sure what the high limit is here but if you text is too long just break it into multiple posts. Ie: make your original thread/post then reply to it with the remainder of you text.
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