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Taking down the Christmas ornaments....

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Thread Starter's about that time again to take down the Christmas decorations around here. Last night I took down everything except the tree and the decorations on top of the tv. Who else has to take their stuff down soon? I'm planning on spending the day with my neice while I have her, i think i will take her over to the house and fix up some sparkling grape juice and let her help me take down the ornaments before we go shopping. How do you usually pack away your ornaments? I have several tiny boxes and tons of bubble wrap and tissue paper- i weap each ornament in a little and put them in boxes...then all of the tiny boxes go inside this HUGE 35 gallon tupperware storage container thing i have. What do you normally do when packing? I also try to keep my ceramic stuff and non breakable stuff in groups....and if i have enough of one color- i color code it so it's easier to find. What do you normally do?
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yeah we NEED to take our stuff down. hehe we're not the most organized people...we usually just throw everything in the attic! and end up w/ lots of stuff broken. speaking of breaking many ornaments did other people's cats break? peanuts broke (i think) 2. not bad. i guess theyre really hard tp resist.
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My girls haven't broken any ornaments- but it's because they're wired on to the branches Isabella and Jasmine took a few off and so i had to wire them on. One night I cought Jamine and Isabella rolling a ball down the hallway like they were playing soccer with it
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That's the advantage of not putting decorations up. Not having to take them down after the holidays! LOL! I DID put up a small ceramic tree that has two parts and the "lights" are just plastic pieces that fit into the holes that are on the tree. It lights up because of a light bulb. Ya know what I'm talking about?
It was a gift from my dear grandpa after he lost his wife and then found out he had cancer. So he sold his house and everything in it to go live with my mom and his son in Texas. He gave it to me as a thank you present.
But it was down the day after Christmas.
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We don't take ours down until after Epiphany (January 6). That's also our wedding anniversary so more celebrating coming up this week.
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Thanks to the Cat Brats there wasn't much of a tree left to take down
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Originally Posted by DixieDarlin256 View Post
Thanks to the Cat Brats there wasn't much of a tree left to take down
My sister's rat terrier/ lab mix, Bailey, knocked down their tree two days before Christmas....i mean she totaled it And her kitty Patch helped too
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My tree went down on New Years too...

Whitey supervised me the whole time.
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Everything is down except the tree...not till January 6th
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I finally got organized, bought big plastic containers and sorted out all the junk from decorations I actually use. Got attic cleaned out and everything is back in attic organized. It took almost all day, but now it looks so good I'm glad I took the time. Can't wait to surprise DH when he gets home. I don't think he really thought I would get it done, as I have threatened to do this soooo many times.
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I took down the tree Christmas Day (H&D broke it!) but I still have my snowmen and stuff up, I keep them up thru the winter
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I took just about everything down, have room in a smaller container for the "winter" themed stuff that I keep out for a while yet. Got rid of some odds and ends stuff. I have one really big and long container for most of the tree stuff, 3 rubbermaid bigger containers and 3 smaller ones and just about everything fits. (except the tree stand and one santa bear)
I'm not too fussy on how the stuff goes in I mix soft stuff in with the more delicate items. The tree was in pretty good shape still but now its outside by the birdfeeder in frontof the house!
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I have no stuff up, so I don't have to take anything down
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Well...the tree is still up.... Taylor and I spent the whole day shopping and hanging out- so we never took it down. I will tomorrow though. While I was out...Big Lots had all of their Christmas stuff 75%-85% i got a ton of those really cute Christmas boxes for about .25 each and i'm going to put my ornaments in those once i wrap them and put the boxes in the huge tupperware container. Uhhhh I dread taking the stuff down tomorrow- it's kinda depressing putting away all your Christmas stuff....but hey, at least it gives me something to look foward to next year
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I saved egg cartons for a while and used them to put the small ornaments in. That worked really well. I have huge rubbermaid containers that I put stuff in for storage. I save the boxes that stuff comes in and use them to repack. This year I did throw away some stuff I am tired of looking at. A good rule of thumb for decorations and other household items is throw away something every time you bring home something new. That way, you don't have as much clutter.
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Well...last night around 2am- i finished taking EVERYTHING down It's all packed away neatly in little boxes and then inside a huge tupperware container for next year Everything's all labeled and organized neatly!
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