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Cat seems tired last few days...

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Féa is a bombay. He's always had an endless supply of energy, and used it most of the day.

I live with my girlfriend, and Féa. It's not the biggest flat in the world right now but we're buying a house hopefully this year and that will change.

Anyway, we took Féa to my parents for Christmas so we could all be with our folks for the week. My mum has two cats there. A black cat and a weird chocolately persian furball. Before we went over mum had given me strict orders that Féa wouldn't be allowed to roam about at all, and stay in my room - worried that the cats would fight etc.
But, Féa being completely ace, managed to escape plenty on the first day and meet everyone the way he wanted. To my suprise my mum ended up loving him, letting him be around the other cats all day long, and he ended up having the run of the place.

I think he loved the experience. Meeting some other cats, starting to play with them, having loads of new rooms with loads of stuff to check out. All good fun, and a great christmas for everyone. (Turns out mum can't wait for him to go back!?)

We had to transport him in his little carry box thing. We've done this before and it was never a problem but on this journey he moaned for a while, both ways. Relentlessly, he tried to claw and eat his way through the metal cage door. I don't like using this thing at all and we're going to look into a better method of shifting him if needs be.

But since we got back, he's been doing hardly any moving. He seems to sleep all the time or just rest on the virge of sleep. He's not eaten a great deal either. I keep checking on him and he just seems really really tired out.

He keeps rolling onto his back like he wants you to tickle his belly or something (which I try to avoid doing, he will attack if anyone does that - always has for some reason).

So could it be he really had a good time over christmas and is now just getting some energy back. Or (this probably sounds stupid, but I don't know if it's possible, I'm no cat expert) is there a chance he's moody because he is thinking about the other cats, maybe he feels lonely now? Maybe he thinks he's in love?!

Or am I worrying over nothing. Thanks for any help.
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I would give it 24 hours and if he is the same, take him to a vet. He could have eaten something or picked up a germ in an unfamiliar surrounding. If he ingested paint or anything off his carrier when fighting it that could affect him.
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