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Scumbag Marine!

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I usually have the greatest of respect for the members of our military, but this guy ought to have his a$$ kicked! He had this tiny dog and for some reason swung it around by his hind leg, beating it against the wall. He beat it horribly and left it for dead. Fortunately, someone found it and took it to the vet. It was on the news tonight, and it was so awful. You could see the pain in this poor creature's eyes. He could not understand why he was hurting so. He is in good hands now, my vet, and will be looked after there until he is ready to go to his new home. There are people begging to adopt him, He is SO cute, even with all his injuries. The Marine is being charged with felony animal abuse, and misdemeanor abandonment. His ugly face has been plastered all over town, so he can't go anywhere,even if they let him out of jail. The Marine Corps takes this sort of thing seriously, so I doubt he will be getting off lightly. I am sure the first part of his punishment will be forfeiture of pay intil the vet is paid, even though the vet said he would care for him anyway. The Carolina Animal Protection League is in on it now, and they are tenacious about animal abusers being punished. I am trying to find out who to email with a request that this idiot be punished as severely as possible. I'll post it as soon as I find it.
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What a JERK!!!!
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I am going to move this to the SOS forum....or should I say SOB?
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but also how ANGERING!! GRRRRR.....

Well I think the stiffest punishment possible IS for the best. My kids had recently caught a fellow KID doing this to a cat (by his tail and into a brick wall though) and I tried to report it but they wouldn't take a report because the perpetrator was "only eight" I tell ya, I almost puked!!! THAT IS THE PERFECT TIME TO GET THEM IMHO!!

When will this country see that people w/ no regard for animal life will also one day have NO regard for human life either?? Grrr...I hope they slap it to this guy!
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I hope they kick this guy out of the military!!! he doesn't deserve to be there along with all the good decent people there!! That is just horrible!!!!!!!!!! Someone ought to beat him black and blue!! (with a few broken bones to boot)
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thats a good one hissy!!!SOB! i second that!
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This guy is a disgrace, to the uniform! My dad spent 26 years, as a Marine and I've seen him cuddle and get mushy on more pets, than I can count!
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That character is not even a real man, let alone a marine. He's inhumane. Please let us know if there is a petition. If not, please let us know if this creature is punished. This is abominable!
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It was on the front page of the newspaper today, including his ugly face. I was happy to see he looked a little scuffed up himself. One of our wonderful immigrants serving in our military. His roommate reported him and found the poor dog. He has a severely broken leg and a fractured skull. With all the coverage this has been getting, there is no way he will go unpunished. The paper said he took the dog into another room and and came back and said the dog "wouldn't be a problem any more." The roommate went out immediately, found it still alive and had it taken to the nearest vet, fortinately, only a half mile away. I think someone else in the house called the sheriff's department. It was a 6 pound Chihuaua(sp) this big tough guy did that to. There has got to be a special place in hell for people that do things like that. I heard today that the guy who put the kitten on the grill a while back got pretty severely punished, but don't know exactly what. He was also military at Fort Bragg, NC.eds
newspaper today, including his ugly face. I was happy to see he looked a little scuffed up himself. One of our wonderful immigrants serving in our military. His roommate reported him and found the poor dog.
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With all due respect, Krazy Kat2, two wrongs don't make a right. Beating up criminals in not in the American legal system. I might have been tempted myself, but that doesn't make it right. I don't think his place of birth made this heinous act any worse, either. We are all immigrants, or children of immigrants, unless we are part of the Indian Nations.
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Actually, with all due respect, I would like to have taken a whack at him myself!!!! But I do agree, the fact that he is an immigrant has no bearing on this subject.
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Debby, We'd all like to have taken a shot at him, no one more than me! I'm referring to the legal system. The police, as tempted as they must have been, are supposed to uphold the law; in this case, I think they broke it. They are held to a higher standard because of their position-unless he tried to resist arrest.
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What a shame that anyone would hurt an animal. That is just an atrocity.

But what does him being an immigrant have anything to do with it? And why can't "immigrants" serve in our military. In order to enlist they have to be a US citizen by naturalization or birth, so he must be a US citizen, and that makes him an American!! Not an immigrant.
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