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My crystal cat is having great results by taking and acidifier Carpon.
This appears to be something he will take forever because when I miss a pill, I notice a difference in his toileting. The developer of the product claims it is safe to use as maintenance and it will not result in too much acidifying, the way I am using it, and he recommends it be used this way. It is a botanical product and has no side effects other than dissolving the crystals.

Other posts indicate people giving their cats Rx food, I presume for it's acidifying properties, and remark that it is only for a few months, but then other posts invariably say the problem comes back, I noticed this a lot with people that are finishing with a round of meds too. My cats do get good quality food at a price I am comfortable with. I do read the labels.

Am I wrong to assume this body chemistry in FUS cats is forever and it is not something that can be cured? Much like a diabetic or other chronic condition?

Are there any of you out there that gave a Rx food for three months and then changed to another good food and the symptoms never returned?

If my cat can be cured, I would cure him. I don't like pilling him twice a day, but we are both OK with it. As far as expense, 50 pills costs about 20 dollars, so compared with the cost of a Rx food, it might be the same(?). I have two other cats to feed, so it is more convenient that thay all eat the same stuff.

Which treatment would be preferred do you think, comparing convenience, costs, and the possibility of the condition disappearing?