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i think kitty is angry

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Hi, I posted a few days ago...but I've been noticing more behavior trends with my 3 month old kitten and I hope someone has training tips.

First of all she seems to stalk me all the time. Even if I've played with her for an hour, she'd still stalk me. A lot of the times she won't let me touch her without going spastic and wiggling and biting. The only time she is really calm and affectionate is when I'm about ready to feed her, she's really sleepy, or she's just gotten out of 'time out' aka the bathroom.

I think she might be mad that I don't give her full run of the house...but I have a feeling that if I didn't give her her own "room" for the night that all the houseplants and stereo equipment would be shot by morning.

I know she's really young and this might be crazy kitty acting up...I just wanted to make sure!
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She is just a kitten. She is not mad, she is playing. If she bites you, stop petting her. Don't touch her tummy that is sometimes an invitation to war. Anything that moves must be prey, anything stationary is hers to play with. Welcome to kitty kamp.
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Thank you, I was hoping you'd say that! I've had cats before but I was way too young to remember their kitten stages (plus they came in a pair...someone else to bite haha)

Surprisingly she doesn't do the wiggle biting thing to my husband..maybe b/c he's made it clear that he's the alpha cat (if there is such a thing).

Oh, one more thing...any suggestions for keeping her out of the plants?
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You can put grating over the dirt, add marbles, or small pebbles, you can sprinkle habernaro pepper (ground) in the dirt. Be sure your plants are not toxic to cats. There are lists all over the internet about what plants are poison or cause digestive upset.

One of the best toys for your kittens are the turbo scratcher, the cat-n-play or "Da Bird." If you have an old fishing pole, tie a small feather toy to the end of the line, and engage this kitten in interactive play with that. Supervised only, never leave string, line, thread, dental floss, shoelaces, ribbon where kitty can get to it. I believe they think it is a mouse tail! It will bind them up and cause all sorts of health issues even death if swallowed.

I know of two people, they love cats but they also have a tailor shop. They keep losing their cat because they can't find a way to keep the cat out of the thread that is all over the shop. Because they live in the shop, this is where the latest cat has to live...sigh..It hasn't been successful yet, their last cat died of blockage, and they went out and brought another kitten into their home. I have tried to counsel them on what to do to keep these kittens safe, but they don't want to do the work. And kittens are into everything as you are finding out!
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Just kind of for the benefit of others reading your question, who might be considering a new pet -- if you can, adopt MULTIPLE kittens together. Kittens teach one another so much as they are growing, and they keep one another company when you can't. I know not everyone's situation will allow for it but, I've had "single" cats and I've had "group" cats, and "group" works better. They are JUST as much fun to watch and interact with -- maybe more, because it's so amazing how they learn!
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