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please Help........

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We were away on vacation for few days so we left our cat at home with plenty of food and water. When we came back he was fine, no problems, but then he started throwing up constantly and now has diarrhea too. He looks ok, but does meow a lot. Its been going on sincelast nights and i dont know what to do. Today all vet places are closed around here so i cannot take him. ( plus we're tight on $$)

can anybody please help out on what we should do?

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Well he probably won't die by tomorrow, and assuming he doesn't then take him to a vet first thing, and discuss a payment plan. If you're tight on money many vets may allow payments over time, especially if you have a relationship with a vet. If you don't hacve a vet, now would be a good time to start one. You may also want to reconsider leaving your cat alone again.

Do you have plants in the home and is there any evidence he ate some of them? Is he lethargic? Can you see anything in the vomit or diarrhea?

Perhaps your local ASPCA or Humane society is open today and has a vet you can see?
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Your cat is sick. You need to get him to a vet ASAP. It could be anything. Just take him to an emergency vet and work out a payment when you get there. But he needs to see a vet.
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It does sound like a vet is in order. They dehydrate so quickly when throwing up or having diarrhea.
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IF you can't find a vet try giving him canned Libby's pure pumpkin *no spices* it might settle his stomach a bit and take care of any stool problems...but like I said they do dehydrate quickly
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Did you take him to the vet? Please let us know what happened. I'm worried about this kitty.
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