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Welcome to Biscotte

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After discovering that French cats born in 2006 should have names beginning with 'B' ( I knew the French did this with horses and dogs, but not with cats), my little barn kitten will be called 'Biscotte'. It matches her appearance and goes with the pony 'Tartine'.

For anyone stuck for a name here is the link to the list of french names I discovered:
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Welcome to Biscotte. We know you are as sweet as your name.
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Welcome to Biscotte! That is a lovely name
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Biscotte has such a nice sound to it I didn't know that the French did that.
My kits seem to select their own name. I'll try one on them, and if they ignore it, then it's not the one
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What a lovely name!!!! And deliscious- i love the stuff!,
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Sweet name for a sweet kitty!
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Seems like you have a "food" theme going on!! What letter will it be for the foal???
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, Biscotte!
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A big welcome for Biscotte. (Bijou likes the names starting with B for some reason. )

How are Maisie and Tartine doing? I haven't been really keeping up with the posts like I should but with the holiday season there is so much to do I only get online for short spurts at a time.
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The foal will need a 'U' name, which might be difficult. Maisie and Tartine are doing fine now, Maisie is almost off her meds but is staying in the stable with a rug on her till the weather changes - I do not want her getting a chill on her shaved tummy. Tartine thank goodness has the sense to go into the field shelter in the pouring rain. If hte weather changes I will take some pix.
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I love Biscotte! Tartine et Biscotte...tres mignon!

I saw pictures of your barn kitty, very very cute!
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Does the name mean anything to do with "biscuit"? Her coloring is biscuit sort of...
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Lovely name, Jenny, and nice news about Maisie and Tartine, too. "U" might be a bit of a challenge.
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AW, that is a very nice name!
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What a great name!

Welcome, Biscotte!
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Great name for your pretty new girl!
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I love the name Jenny!! it fits the little cherub perfectly
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Biscottes are those ready toasted/baked bread slices you buy in packets and use for canapes or whatever. They are delicious. So it goes well with Tartine and matches her colour.
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What a great name for your new kitten! I hope she is just as sweet as her name implies!
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What a cute name! I love it!
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