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Bird video

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I asked for a very nice bird video as a Christmas present for myself this year. I thought maybe the kitties might like it, too.

Here is one of the cats at my parent's place

Here is my Mama. At first she acted indifferent, but then about 4 mins into it, it caught her attention and she jumped off the arm of the couch and jumped at the TV - SPLAT! All fours hit the screen and she slid down just like a cartoon character that slowly slides down a wall in slo-motion I fell off the couch rolling on the floor because I was laughing so hard Then I grabbed the camera but I missed the best part.

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You need to get the "Kitty Goes Hunting" DVD! I don't play it for them all the time, but they absolutely love it!! It has birds, mice, bugs, and all that fun stuff.

Here's Koko and Pinky engrossed in it:
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Amy, that's so cute. My parents tell me that their Grey expects them to put it in every night (they have one now, too) while they are eating dinner. She hears the music and comes running.
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OMG how cute! I need to get some DVDs for mine too.
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HAHAHAHAHAHA this is awesome

Love the image of Mama sliding down the TV screen she musta thought she was out in the wild again

LOL @ your two Amy sitting on the couch watching!!
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Oh Chris, I'd be on the floor with you too laughing!
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Too Funny
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That is hysterical! I would have loved to see her go splat!
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Awwwwww look at them. Wish i'd seen Mama do that as well Chris

Amy your two look so chilled on their sofa
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