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I just got home from NYE

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I TELL YOU i am so happy, lets hope i dont jinx it!

Last night I went to my collegues dinner party, then i met my friends and went to a club, she had a whole group there and im proud to say that i got drunk enough to dance, dirty danced and picked up a mega hot guy, (which is one of her friends boyfriends brothers best friend.. now we will see if he calls me for future referenced, we just partied untill 11 am untill he fell asleep!

I also got 50 euros for only working 3 HOURS at the restaurant!

Oh my what a good way to start the new year!

Its 2 pm and i havent gone to bed yet, and i have to work tomorrow!

I just wanted to share with you all that i am over the moon and i had a great time with a whole crowd of people that i didnt know!
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Thanks for sharing! Auspicious beginning to 2007!!!
Ahhh, the days of tips. The most I made was $800 take home because of the special pricing and some affluent guests. And I had tipped out over 50% because I was sooo busy, I had even the bussers delivering food, etc.
The general manager came over & kissed me when he saw my per-head sales.
My NYE was much more tame - Nanny911 and a brief visit to my mom's to visit Joey and JC were the highlights
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Sounds like fun. I didn't get home until 12:30 p.m. There's STILL some life in this grandma
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Sounds like you had a blast!!
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Sounds like you had a great night!
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It must the clientele that comes to my restaurant... but man, I never get anything close to that in tips! I worked New Year's Even until close... it was slow and people were tipping me really well at first, but the hillbillies came out later and hardly tipped anything.

Anyway, glad to hear you did so well in more than one area... let's hope this bodes well for the rest of this year!!
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WTG Cindy! Guess the online date was a hit???
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