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Strange behaviour

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Hi guys, I'm new to the forum

This is probably a silly question with an obvious answer, but I've been living with my boyfriend for about 4 months now. He has a male cat aged around 3 years old, that my boyfriend says was neutered as a kitten.

Benson (the cat) regularly grabs onto cushions with his mouth, and starts pawing at the cushion with his feet. He'll roll around, still with the cushion in his mouth and afterwards, he'll usually lick his 'private parts' - to me, this seems like Benson is mounting the cushion. This behaviour lasts for ages - usually 10-15 minutes at a time and it's not just cushions he 'mounts', but our arm or chest if we're wearing a fleecy jacket, or pillows on the bed.

As Benson is neutered, should he be displaying this sort of behaviour, as I thought neutering took the sexual urges away?

Of course I could be wrong and Benson's 'cushion mounting' might not be sexual in nature at all.

Any advice would be appreciated x
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Sometimes neutering can be incomplete - a vet inspection would be necessary to find out. But also, even neutered cats do exhibit 'sexual' behaviour that is allied to dominance or to comfort. My Wellington started this after his brother died and he was obviously upset. He would 'mount' my arm or leg and knead away with his front paws while making thrusting movements from behind. He would also sometimes do this to a pillow, though more usually to me! I also found him once trying to mount Persil, who did not take kindly to it at all. He still does this, three months later, but not as often as he did. So it may be a phase your guy is going through, or just a way of expressing both affection and a desire to dominate (how like a male!)
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