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hammy kitties

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Pinky Winky

Fuzzy Wuzzy

Lucky Ducky

Hunny Bunny

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They are all just so precious!!! I love their names. I have a Ducky, too! and he's lucky!
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Originally Posted by dont_eat_bambi View Post

These two pictures are my absolute favourites! Your bunch are just beautiful
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Those are all just their cutesy names. I really call them hunny bun, lucky, fuzzy and pinky. I love my kitties.

Lucky has been playing a lot lately. He seems to be feeling really good. He also bit me and left a bruise or two. I still love him though. I hope he feels healthy for a long time yet.
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Hehehe those proper names are still cute Lucky's been ill?
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Yes he has. We were told the weekend before Christmas Weekend that he had bladder cancer. The only thing wrong with him as of right now is that he has blood in his urine. He is very active and we have been giving him some feldane every day.
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They are adorable
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