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kitten won't eat

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I have a kitten that will eat some days and won't eat at all on other days. When he gets like this I buy a jar of baby food. This usually works but not this morning. He's already been to the vet and been wormed. What else can be the problem? I have always had to work with him to get him to eat. Never had an anarexic (misspelled) kitten before. He's a stray and I've had him about 3 months. Very small for his age. He's a real sweetie but he's wearing me out. Another thing he does is lick the bricks around my fireplace. I've had cats all my life but never seen one like this.
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Are you sure he is not eating at all on some days? He could possibly be picking but not eating enough for you to notice? In a book that Im reading it says that many free fed cats tend to pick at the food and eat very little on some days and then eat larger amounts the next day. Maybe this is the case with yours?
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My cats tend to eat less during the hot season. Is it hot where you are? Possibly this may be part of the reason he isnt eating much on some days....just a thought.
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It could be that your kitty is suffering from a lack of nutrients in her food. I don't know what you are feeding her on a regular basis, but some of the commercial food that you get in the grocery store are really not the best for her. I would talk to your vet about what kind of vitamin and nutrients she needs, he would be the one who would be the best judge of this as he has seen her and examined her.

Licking the bricks can cause some problems for her as well and throw her off her feed.

There is only speculation about what causes pica, but sometimes just paying added attention to the cat by interactive play time about 15 minutes a day just you and kitty will help to stop some of the behavior. Good luck
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