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Need advice-- should I get another cat? A blind cat!?

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Hello all--

Yesterday my partner and I came upon the most amazing shelter kitty--Monkey. She's about 3 years old, very small, mostly blind and full of spirit-- and we fell in love. We've been considering getting another cat, but I've never owned more than one feline at a time, and I'm very worried. You see, our current cat, Georgia, is also about 3, and we have no idea how she might react to another kitty. She certainly rules the roost now, but I wonder if with proper patience and careful introduction, Monkey might be the perfect addition-- apparently Monkey gets along well with all animals, and I've read that cats are actually more likely to be tolerant if they sense that the other cat has a disability. Georgia also gets very despondent when she's left alone, and it's possible that another cat might make a good companion for her (she's rarely left alone, but if we go out of town for a few days and have people check on her, she hides from them and doesn't eat very much).
Still, Georgia seems pretty territorial, and I'm worried that bringing another female--who is only half her size and can barely see-iinto the house might be a terrible idea! I'm torn! Does anyone have any advice/experience to offer? Thank you so much!

Oh-- I suppose I should also add that both Georgia and Monkey appear to have identical activity levels-- both are still very playful, though they're no longer kittenish-playful. If you didn't know Monkey was blind you'd probably have no idea, as she jumps around and chases toys as though nothing's wrong-- such a brave little thing!
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You're right to be concerned, but if Monkey's already living with multiple cats she'll probably adjust well. Your resident cat will most likely accept her if you do a slow introduction. Loving two kitties is just as rewarding and easy as loving one. I say go for it!

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You will have to be vigilant for the introduction period - if Georgia goes after Monkey and Monkey doesn't know her way around yet, she can literally crash into everything in the place looking for an escape route, so it's important to keep Georgia in a separate room for the times (hours/day) Monkey's getting oriented, til she's really got the hang of where everything is. Do give Georgia lots of attention, of course, though try not to change her normal routine too much which will keep her calm. Female cats are very territorial, and I don't know if Georgia will respond well to a 'disability' or not - many cats see it as a license to hunt and kill. Sounds dramatic, but it's true.
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I think that Georgia will be fine if you do the introductions properly (with lots of patience).

See this article:

Emily was an only cat for 4 years when we got Chessy this year, and after taking things slowly between them, they are getting along fine. I think that Emily is a little happier now having some company while we're at work.
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