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Prayers for My Hannah Please

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Hannah's been sneezing A LOT today. Her eyes are a bit runny, but nothing bad. She had a stressful week last week as we went to spend Christmas with my dad for 3 days, then she went to the vet for her annual check-up on Thursday, which she passed with flying colors. She's been eating well and using the box just fine. Her activity level is down a bit and she's sleeping more. I've upped her Lysine to 1000mg/day. She's also rubbing her ears when she cleans her face. Pray this is just allergies and not an URI coming on.


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Oh Poor Hannah. Sending out feel better prayers for Hannah.
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More {{{nor URI}}} vibes for Hannah. I hope it is something simple that passes quickly.
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You can be assured that we will remember Hannah beginning today (January 1st) in our poor prayers. On our (Catholic) calendar...January 1st is the Feast of the Solemnity of Mary, Mother of the God...and the image in scripture used for this feast is the Holy Woman HANNAH from the Old Testament! A coincidence?---I think not! Trust in His will for you and for Hannah...something good will come of matter what! May you be comforted by the many who are concerned and praying for you and Hannah!


Fr. Gregg
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Sending many prayers your way for sweet little Hannah. Please let us know how she's doing when you have a chance.
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Honey, if she is sneezing and her eyes are runny, she either has an upper respiratory infection or she has allergies, only your vet will know for sure. I know you said that she was just vetted, but this stuff comes on suddenly. If she is also lethargic, I would call the vet and tell him/her the symptoms and then go with that. Healing headbuts and sooooothing licks from KittenKiya's Clan.
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I'm 99.9% sure she has a URI. She's still eating, drinking, and pottying normally. She's become lethargic today and she's become congested. I've done all the things we did last year when she had an URI (vaporizer, isolation, a dab of baby Vick's on her nose, eucalyptus drops on cotton balls in a plastic bag out of her reach), and boosted her Lysine supplement. She'll go to the vet tomorrow as soon as I can call and let them know we're dropping her off and/or schedule an appointment. Until then, she's resting comfortably and I'm watching her like a hawk. If she starts going downhill, I'll take her to one of the emergency vets, but I think she's okay for now.

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Poor baby, Prayers that it subsides quickly.
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Good luck with your Hannah. I hope that your vet can see her quickly and nip this thing in the bud!
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We're back from the vet. He seems to think it's more allergy related than anything else, or she's on the tail end of whatever she had. She hasn't been sneezing today and her eyes weren't goopy or runny. Her temp was normal and her eyes looked good, gums looked normal, and stomach and other organs were fine when he examined them. Her lungs were clear and her heart sounded fine. He was impressed that I give her Lysine everyday and said that probably helped whatever it was not affect her so drastically. He gave her a shot, though and some antibiotics to take. If she doesn't perk up in the next week, I'll take her back. I just miss my little chirpy busybody!

Thanks for all the good thoughts and prayers. I'll keep you posted!

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Thats great news Stephanie! Continued vibes and prayers for Hannah to continue to feel better
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Sending feel better vibes for your sweet girl
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It's good to hear that Hannah is better. Here's vibes for continued improvement and no return to the vet.
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Told ya not to worry---just turn it all over to Him...He loves cats even more than we do!

Continuing to pray for Hannah.

Love ya,

Fr. Gregg
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