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Name one regret from 2006

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NPR had a show about regrets of the past year....
name one thing you regret doing or not doing in 2006.

Mine: Not moving to Portland earlier. Most of my BIG ones are long long ago.
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I can't think of one. I've had a pretty good year. Even if at the time I viewed it as a bad thing I can see now that the event had meaning and was meant to be for a greater good.
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This sounds so mean, but I regret seeing nan in the chapel of rest.

When my mum passed I was just on my way back to the hospital, so without sounding sick, mum was still warm and like herself, when I saw nan who still lived back in London I had to see her after embalment, that shocked me as I'd never seen anyone after that and to me it seems to make them not look like themselves, so in a way I regret having that last memory of her, as she really didn't look like my nan.
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Not adopting Scratch's sister. Even though she has a wonderful home with her foster Mom, I think his transition with us would have been smoother if she was here. If I ever adopt again and find that the one I want is a litter mate I'm taking both.
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They are a waste of time
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I don't believe in regrets. You can't change the past so there is no point in regretting things done or not done. I believe in living for today, whatever that may bring.
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Not buying a house and returning to the states sooner.
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Driving the van into a ditch. Yeah, that's my one big regret for 2006.
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Oh I guess not making myself do more, I seem to have gotten into a rut and I would think of all the things I wanted to do amd then talk myself right of of doing them. It's kinda like being stuck and then feeling depressed about it. And all the Family bull, I will not go through it again with my Daughters.
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I'd rather not dwell on regrets with the new year approaching- i'd rather learn from my mistakes and have a positive new year
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I wouldn't say I have any regrets, precisely, but there a couple things I would have done differently, most of them having to do with money no point in fretting now though, what's done is done!
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There are quite a few things that given the choice again, I would choose another option, but like Natalie said, no regrets, you can't change things no, so thinking about it is a waste of time
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Mine is taking too much sick time from work. It cost me a promotion!! I am not going to use any this year if I can help it.
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PLENTY!!! i wont bore you with them all...
...but i've decided i will EMBRACE the new year. i can do better.
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I don't REGRET things, but 2006 was an AWFUL year professionally. I'm happy to be moving away from that, and hope 2007 will continue to see me down a better path
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My biggest regret is not being there for my mom whene had to have our dog Storm put to sleep due to a tumor on her liver. It still makes me sad thinking about it.
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My only "regret" is that the year didn't go by faster.
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No regrets about anything. I just take life as it happens, and that goes for anything that happens. Can't do nothing about it, so I just accept whatever happens and go on.
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