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healthy dry that has small bits.

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hey everyone. The great food debate lives on in my home. Right now Ping is not on a high quality kibble because everything I was buying had larger size bits. Right now he eats Fancy Feast dry because it has the small kibble he loves. For those unfamiliar with it the kibble is the size of my pinky nail roughly and thin. Is there any higher kibble that has the small bits. What about Felidea (sp) is that big or small kibble?
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I was feeding Puff Pet Promise for awhile. It's really small bites.
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Hmmm I have never heard of them. Do they have a website?
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Originally Posted by Ping View Post
Hmmm I have never heard of them. Do they have a website?

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I believe Innova EVO's kibbles are very very tiny, if I do recall correct. I do know that their dog kibbles are even smaller than a pinky nail, about the size of a nail head. Not sure about the feline EVO. Anyone know?
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Originally Posted by SalemWitchChild View Post
Yep, the Innova Evo is very small bits and Pinnacle is small, kind of flat round bits. Isn't Natural Balance small pebble like bits, like the Innova Evo?

I don't think Felidae is very big and I believe Bench & Field is about the same as Felidae.

There are many out there that have smaller bits, but I can't think of any others at the moment. (I've certainly worked at trying as much if the cat food in existance in an attempt to satisfy my crew and myself).
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Natural Balance is nice and small.
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Royal Canin, Life's Abundance and Innova Evo have small kibble.
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What about Wellness. From the pictures it looks like small kibble. Is it any good? I am looking at the Super5Mix.
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Yes, Wellness does have a small kibble, too.
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I am kinda stuck between the Wellness, Felidae, Nutro Max Gourmet Classics Adult Roasted Chicken.
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Only one of mine likes Wellness and I give it to him daily, none of mine liked Felidae and Nutro Max didnt go over well either. I have a store here that will give me some of the kibbles in sample bags. That might help you, if you can find the sample bags.

I am not a food expert. I just read what some of the other food experts on here say. When I was trying to switch to a better quality and I also wanted small kibble, I just got the sample bags and some I had to get the whole bags and just put them in their bowls to see who liked what. And lucky me, they all liked something different.
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felidae has small kibble and it is the only one my Remy can eat without throwing up. Little Skye can eat anything...he has the stomach of a goat
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Evo is very small .... Nutro is the biggest but with a whole in it ... Felidea is bone shaped( in the chn and rice ) not small but like the Nutro easy to pick up..
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Nutro MAX-cat shaped bites
Nutro-larger ovals
Eagle Pack-X
Innova/Innova EVO-round/flat
Nature's Variety Raw Instinct-round/flat crumbles
Natural Balance-small, round kibble

I have found that the Natural Balance is the smallest kibble, Innova is 2nd best, & Raw Instinct is 3rd best. I would not reccomend MAX cat as the kibble is very big(too big for my toothless girl to eat).
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Solid Gold also has very small bits.
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This is the size of Felidae Chicken and Rice, compared with a quarter :

Hope that helps!
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Innova EVO and Timberwolf Organics Serengeti both have small little beads for kibbles. I know California Natural has come out with Small Bites, but I'm not sure they've set up a similar thing for cats yet, though.
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California Natural Herring and Sweet Potato is larger than Innova or Innova Evo, but still somewhat manageable. Stay away from Nutro Natural Choice-- the pieces are HUGE!
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I think EVO, Felidae and Solid Gold have "big" kibbles actually (although Tigger doesn't mind). The smallest kibbles I've ever seen (and are teenie-tiny) are Timberwolf Organics Serengetti and Eukanuba.
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I try to keep Ping away from any of the fish flavored foods now. Every couple of weeks I will give him one can of a fish flavored food but thats it.

Well I went into the big town (about an hour or so away) and went to PetSmart. And out of the choices I has there (I forgot the list of little kibble food at home) I decided to get a bag of Nutro Max roast chicken flavor. I am gonna wait till I am down to 1/2 a bag or so of the old stuff before I start the transition to the Nutro. If he does not like that I may try the Felidae because I can get that here locally in this small town.
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One of my cats has a fish allergy- that's why I get the Felidae Chicken and Rice .
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Have something to add. Someone was talking about samples of the cat food they get from the stores they buy from. Well I saw nothing like that petsmart. So I checked a few sites of the manufactuers I thought about buying feed from. But that I wanted to make sure my cat liked the food before buying a whole bag. Well I got a response from Wellness today. They are sending me some samples of their food to see if Ping likes it. I'll update and let ya'll know how big of a smaple and if he likes it or not.
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