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This is Dusty. My stepdaughter works for a homebuilder, and one of their construction crews found her in an old house that was being torn down. We adopted her, and she has a friendly but slightly standoffish personality. Seems a bit on the skittish side, also. She's been declawed, and possibly spayed also (not sure on that one).

I'm told that this is a tortoiseshell. Not familiar with that particular variety, but I hear that most breeds can have this coloration. Does this look like your average Heinz 57 variety pack mixture?:

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Yep, she looks like a Domestic Long Hair with beautiful tortiseshell markings. The tortiseshell indicates the mixing of the black and orange.
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She's a beauty. My Rowdy is a shorthair tortie and is an ornery litle witch. Every tri-color cat that I have ever had has been vocal and had attitude to spare.
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Originally Posted by katachtig View Post
Yep, she looks like a Domestic Long Hair with beautiful tortiseshell markings. The tortiseshell indicates the mixing of the black and orange.
Hey, congrats on your beautiful baby, and welcome to TCS. I agree with the above poster - she's a gorgeous DLH.

Please make sure to have your vet check for a scar (which would indicate that she's been spayed). If she hasn't been, it's important to do that. Since she's been declawed, it's important that you do not let her outside (she has no defenses against attackers). Most TCS members advise indoors-only in most situations, but it's critical in Dusty's case.
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What a sweet face she has! Since your question has already been answered, I'd like to add that she's probably a little standoffish and skittish because of what happened to her before you adopted her, but when she starts trusting more, she will be lovingly yours big-time!

Cheers, from
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Thanks to all for the kind words. She'll have a family that will love her for the rest of her life. It's sad that so many stray/abandoned cats have to do without that type of environment.
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She looks to be a rel sweetie!!! She is probably a bit skittish since her previous owners abandoned her! How can they abandon such a sweet faced kitty!!
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She is lovely, and very lucky to have found such a good home with you

We have a tortie (or calico as she would be in the Usa) and Tigger certainly has some 'torti-tude' She can be very affectionate one moment and a little terror the next

But we love her
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Oh God, she is beautiful!!!! Yep, she's a Torti!!!
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She's a beauty. Torties are sometimes rude, often aloof, but when they want love there's nothing better!
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She's beautiful!!!!

I wish I could get my hands around the necks of the people who declawed her and then abandoned her in a house ready to be torn down!!!!!!!!! I'd "declaw" them!! Some people are just too stupid to share the air that I breathe!
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Yes she is a beauty.
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She is just beautiful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Lovely Tortie girl!! And, yes, she'll have attitude to burn, but once she knows you, she'll be the sweetest love. Congratulations on getting together!
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