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We recently took a female stray into our home. She appears to be about a year old. For the first week she was very sweet - always purring, rubbing against our legs, sleeping on our laps, etc.

But lately she's been acting strange. Her belly has gotten rounder and she's ALWAYS eating - and when she's not eating she's starving. She cries all the time and when she's not eating or crying, she's fast asleep in strange places (I found her on the stove once!). She's not as sweet anymore; she still rubs against our legs, but snaps at us if we try to pick her up or pet her.

All these signs point to pregnancy to me (we've had pregnant cats before) but because we've only had her for a few weeks we don't know if her heat cycle is broken or not. Also, the first sign of cat pregnancy is usually swollen nipples - but hers are normal. What is going on?
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Yes, one of the first signs of pregnancy are swollen and pink nipples. The signs you are describing sound like a possible case of worms. I would take her to the vet and they can tell you for sure. They can also give her a de wormer. The ones the vets have are much better than the store bought. I know in CT you can't buy de wormers for tape worm over the counter if thats what kind she has.

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Well, we just paid a visit to the vet - and we'll be expecting kittens in 2 weeks!
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Having kittens is a lovely thing. Though, as a rule, I do of course recommend spaying and neutering and preventing unwanted litters.

I'd love to hear more about the pregnancy and birth! Do keep visiting us !
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