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Trying to understand maggie

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Ok, maggie has been here 10 days, and I am seeing a behaviour that I have not seen in her yet. After giving her some attn, like patting her on my lap, then putting her down, she goes into a lying or laying position, instead of onto her feet, and walking off. When I pat her, she lets out a quiet moan (not sure how to describe it). She did purr at one point, to the point that it sounded like a wheeze I would get if I had a cold. But now it is more of a low meow i guess.

We did have a bit of a rough day as I wanted to do something (was installing a new printer) yesterday, and she was in the way. So to give me a bit of time and space to work, I put her in the bedroom. Could she be mad at me??? Is she telling me that she did not like that? Could she be learning what I will accept???

This is different from suzie, and trying to understand. I know it takes time, but I hope she is not in pain. She is not as active, wondering if she could be going into heat too, and this is the first signs.

I am trying to get her used to the harness, and today is a much better experience for maggie in it. She is not thrashing around, but walking around and eating with it on, and even took a treat with it. Hoping you all can help me understand this little one. I am trying.
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When you put her down, if she rolls onto her back or shows you her tummy, she's saying she trusts you and admitting that you're her human. Since you've only had her 10 days, she's still getting used to you and your quirks, just like you're getting used to her and her quirks. The moan could be similar to a low meow. I have one cat who has a very deep rumble for a purr that sounds like it comes from way down in her chest. In fact, I usually feel her purring before I hear it. If she was in pain, you probably wouldn't see her or she wouldn't be coming around much as kitties tend to hide and/or become anti-social when they're hurting.

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Well thanks all. But maggie is not here anymore. The person that gave her to me has taken her back on heresay in the building about me, and has told me that I do not know anything about animals. Sorry to waste your time with my questions. Take care all, and see you all around once in a while. This one hurt.
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