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Updated pictures!

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My brother got a really nice camera for x I took lots of pictures. (There are also older ones from my camera, from before x mas).


Lasagna who looks like a dirty cotton ball in this picture

Spam..who is very vocal




Barry close up again. (taken on my brother's camera)



Lasagna again

Spam again..he loves the camera

One of the ferals, Todd.
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Pile of kitties

I love this one! Barry

Barry and Jack having a the same time

A cat cookie jar!

Spam again

Lola covered in torn up dog toys

More to come tomorrow!
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I love them. can't believe you have 30 cats? I think that makes it official, YOU ARE the cat lady on the street. Stephanie is a real beauty.
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wonderful pics, love the last one, too cute.
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What adorable kittys! I LOVE the pile of kittys pic!
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Oooooohh I'm having a kitty high!!! Very very adorable little furkids you have there! Spam is very photogenic and he knows it And the photo with Barry and Jack having a scratch in-sync made me laugh out loud
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Thanks! Yeah,on my own block I am definitely the cat lady.. but most of my neighbors around here have atleast one.. several have more than 10.
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Wow! You have some gorgeous kits there!

That pile of kitties is just great!
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You have many gorgeous kitties and I love your cookie jar!
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Those are wonderful pics! Dora's tail is certainly remarkable,dark with stripes; Lasagna is gorgeous; Barry's got that face that I just want to reach through the screen and give scritches; and Jack
Jack has one of THE most unusual and BEAUTIFUL coats that I have ever seen You should get more pics of him! He'd be a great candidate for a calendar
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awe what a bunch of cuties I just LOVE the pictures..they are great
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That photo of Barry is hysterical!

30 CATS?? 12 DOGS??

Do you have a life?? Or are you a foster-mummy? Or are you just living the dream...

I would LOVE to see some pics of your puppies as well....oh hang on - I just found your other thread. LOOK at them all!! How on earth do you possibly have time to do anything but take care of them??
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Wow!!! 30 cats??? I thought my plate was full with 3 cats and 2 large dogs!!! How do you do it?

Anyway, they're all gorgeous, and look like they are all well-cared for and loved. The scratching picture of Barry cracked me up!
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Thank you!

Well, lets just say they ARE my life!

Jack..everyone loves his looks..but don't let his looks decieve you, he hates any human contact even though I have held and kissed him since he was 2 days
Here are pictures of Jack:

Approx. 2 days old. A stray from my friend's neighborhood gave birth in his backyard. I brought all 7 kittens, and momma (Stephanie) home.

katie and Jack

His momma Stephanie

and his sister Katrina
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Great pics!
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