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Noisy Budgies

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My friend in NYC has about 7 Budgies. They are adorable. The only problem is they sing, chirp, talk, at night when she is trying to relax. Is there anyway to calm them down so she can relax? Also is it true the they are nocturnal?
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They are not nocturnal
They need to be in a very quiet, dark room during their nighttime hours.
A cage cover may help, but I do not like covering small, easily startled birds as they can thrash and kill themselves.
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I had budgies for over 30 years, and I always covered the cages at night so they would sttle down to sleep. Yes, night thrashing does happen occasionally, but I've never had a bird die from it, and my cockatiel actually thrashed more than my budgies ever did.

I'd use a cover on them, that will help 100%.
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Having a regular bedtime and making sure the lights are out helps a lot. You can't do much about the chattering during the day, but they should quiet down at night.

I don't cover my cages because of the night thrashing (and I've had some of my birds get hurt because of it... I think maybe because the cages are so large).
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I cover mine, they have a set bedtime. I cover all but the bottom part of the cage and there is always a light on somewhere so it eliminates the night frights.
Yes they can die from night frights if they break a blood feather.

A routine is what they need. They do very well on a routine.
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Birds need quite a lot of sleep, and really the best thing to do is cover them when it gets dark outside or soon after, as they won't sleep soundly while the lights are on indoors! No they are not nocturnal at all, quite the opposite, as they can't see well in dim light and will sleep all the time it's dark.

And yes I can imagine the sound of 7 budgies, they do have a lot to say for themselves. I love it because they always sound so cheerful
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