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should i?

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how can i introduce a kitten to my cats? my neighbor is gonna take her 2 kittens to the humaine society if i don't do something! my cat sturdy likes to beat up a cat i have that lives in a bedroom. freind is extremly nervous and will smell anything that may be in the floor and like jump and smell. know what i'm talking about? and if there is a sudden noise that scares them or a tail gets stepped on, they all get flarred up. my house is quiet. we don't yell, i don't even play my music real loud, because i think it might bother my cats. i don't know why they are soooo nervous! i would like both kittens, but that would be pushing it. when my husband gets home, i'm gonna go get one and see the reaction. i need him hear in case a fight breaks out between the adult cats. if anybody has seen a real cat fight it is so hard to stop. that is what happened between sturdy and sami(bedroom) and i never want that to happen again. it scared me so bad.
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I moved this to the proper forum where you will get the most informative feedback.

good luck!
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I went back and re-read your post from several months ago about the problems you are having with Sami. Given the fighting that already happens, I don't think it would be wise to bring in even more cats. If there was no fighting and nervousness in your current cats, I would think it would be okay....but since you have some big fights between several cats already, I think bringing in the kittens will make it worse.

Kittens get adopted really fast, so I'm sure they will find a home. I know much it hurts to not be able to rescue all of the needy cats that come your way, but I think your old cats will be happier if the kittens found homes elsewhere.

Just my opinion!
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well lotsocats, i think you may be right. if i had a real big house where they could space out more than i would be able to have more cats. but being in an average 2 bedroom house i guess i have enough. besides the 2. the rest are pretty laid back. i know these kittens will be put down if i don't find them a home. i will try. one is soooo luvy duvy. besides sami's bathroom habits she seems really content in the bedroom. she even gets in the floor now. it has taken her this long to be comfortable getting in the floor. i'm glad she's no longer scared. sturdy really traumatized her . my husband and i have taken up with sturdy like we never have. he looks just like sox. anyway, thanks for the advice.
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Originally posted by 7cosycats
i know these kittens will be put down if i don't find them a home.
Can you talk to your neighbor about taking the kittens to a no-kill shelter?
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