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Furminator and squeegee WTG

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I bought both today at Petsmart ( in the dog section- ahem) and they are AMAZING. once again the cat site has given me great info to get rid of cat hair. I mean nothing has worked as well. And while the furminator wasn't her favorite thing if I doa little everyday she wil be fine. tomorrow is manicure day too.

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I checked out the site and they had an unusually calm cat being groomed in their video! I noted that the man was pulling up bits of the cat's skin to brush it. This would not be popular with my Gizmo!
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i bought the furminator but had to take it back...grooming time turned into wild cat time. They both love the zoom groom and tell me in no uncertain terms. I can just run my thumb over the rubber bristles and they hop on my couch to be groomed. You must have a really gentle cat *g
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I just ordered the furminator last week. I cannot wait for it to get here! Mine are not too bad when its groom time, so Im hoping and wishing to have success with the furminator.

What size did you get, Abigail?
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I bought the medium size ( 1.5 inch i think) and i didn't lift the coat; I just ran it over her as I do with the regular grooming brush. I agree she would not go for the "proper" technique.

as for that yellow squegee thingie, It cleans a tufted cushion on her favorite chair that I thought would never be usable by humans again. it is amazing.
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Good, I ordered the med. size.

I will have to check into the sqeegee, as well. All of the furniture in my living room is claimed by the cats. One time this older family member stopped by unannounced, I let him in and he just went straight to Tino's chair to sit down. When he stood up, OMG, he had cat hair all over the back of his pants. I had to lint brush him off He said he was NEVER coming over again , he was only teasing.
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Furminater = best thing I EVER bought!
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