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can anyone recommend an air purifier?

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the guy next to me smokes cigars and the smell is seeping into my apartment... especially my bedroom. this CAN'T be good for my allergic kitty, or for me too for that matter! does anyone have a good air purifier that you would recommend? oh the joys of living in an nyc apartment...
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I have used ... two types by Ecoquest ( the best was the flair model)

currently three sharper images running

I avoid HEPAS
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I have two Blueair air purifiers, and they have done wonders for Gizmo's asthma. Attacks are now very rare. You can't get a better recommendation than that.

They are quiet though the filters are bit on the expensive side. I found them worth the price.
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thank you so much.
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i haven't bought one yet but it's going to be hepa because i can't use the ionizer ones because i have birds. If you have birds, don't get an ionizer one.
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Whichever one you buy, check out the noise level. What sounds quiet in the store can be REALLY LOUD WHITE NOISE at night! Of course, in NYC, that might be an advantage to cover up all the noise outside.

Cheers, from
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I use a sharper image ionic breeze. It really works great. I also have some of those salt rocks for night lights. They are also supposed to keep the air clean.
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I have on Ionic pro but I'm not sure if that would help with smoke. We do have a small one from holmes in our bedroom also. Both were purchased with allergies in mind.
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thanks everyone, and Happy New Year! i got the air purifier yesterday, and it is AMAZING! i am so happy with it. the air in my apartment seems much, much fresher. i can really notice the difference. also, the guy next door was smoking the cigar again today (it smells very strongly in the hallway)... but the smell wasn't in my apartment. wooooohoooooo!!! i got the kenmore 83202 83200, and i totally recommend it. we decided on this brand because it was given the second-to-highest rating in consumer reports, some good write-ups/reviews online, and they had it in stock in sears. so far it seems excellent at removing smells. i already notice a HUGE difference. i'm so happy with it! yay!! thanks again for all of your input... i appreciate it so much!
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sounds awesome. I think i'm going to get those too. Is it loud?
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it seems very quiet to me (it's quieter than my heating/ac unit)... but then again i am used to loud noise living here in the city! it is also sold under the brand name Whirlpool AP51030R (it is the same thing as the Kenmore 83202 83200, but i guess the Kenmore is Sears' exclusive brand or something.) here is the link to the website about air purifiers from consumer reports...
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also, just so you know, that review from consumer reports might be outdated... it is from oct 2005. i couldn't find a more current review from them. here is a link with some reviews about it from amazon...
cheers, and happy air filtering!
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thank you! I am not really worried about noise either...6 tiels and a sw tank, it's kinda loud...hehehe.

Tax refund here i come!
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