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fluffy fur

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My kitten has two types of fur. some is fluffy and the other type is longer, more like adult cat fur. It's the middle of summer at the moment, should he have lost the fluffy fur or is it just kitten fur?
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How old is the kitten? I think they get adult fur starting to come in at around 6 months old. So its probably kitten fur right now.
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well thats probably it then. he also has little bits from his ears to his eyes that hav very sparse fur, as you can see in teh pic below. is that normal?
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Cute kitten! I agree with GoldenKitty... it's probably kitten fluff.
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Cute kitty! Yes, thin fur between the ears and eyes is normal.
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He looks purrfect!
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He's such a lovely looking kitten! Sparse fur between the ears and eyes is normal. Depending on breed or type, he will get his adult fur anytime from 5 months onwards - shorthairs lose the fluffyiness and get all sleek, but some longhairs don't get their full coat until they are around 2 years old. What you describe sounds perfectly normal and nothing to worry about. Feeding a good quality food can improve coat quality also
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