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I have lived in this house since 1971...there are several guniea pigs, goldfish, hamsters, birds, Sheba my dog for 13 1/2 years, Kacee my dog from 14 1/2 years and my darling cat Mitzee who was not even two when she died. I would have to excavate the whole yard. I remember each time we buried one of our pets and the sadness that went with it. We planted a tree or a flower over each one of them. If we ever sell our house I will have to tell the new owners just in case they start digging and they wonder about all the remains.
I dont know what to tell someone else , whether to take the remains or leave them in rest? I just know they are all in my memories, and that is where they will always be for me. I think its already been said, you must do what you feel is right. I agree.
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I think that it's obviously something that means a very great deal to you (understandably!) and if I were in your shoes I would most definitely want to take her with me.

My sweet Coco is buried in Mum and Dad's backyard - but we had her cremated so she's actually in an urn with a little headstone and resting under her favourite tree. She will be easy to take anywhere should Mum and Dad ever move - and there's no way we'd leave her behind.

I think that you should take her - besides, if it's your forever home you won't need to do it again, and you can place her in a box or something more solid this time so that should anything ever come up again, you'll have an easier way to retrieve her remains.
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