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MY first call center job was for an auto financing company (one of the Big Three automakers). Initially, it was customer service, processing payments and giving payoff quotes. I then began doing outbound "soft" collections - reminding people that their car payments were 11-15 days past due and POLITELY requesting that they make that payment. If they had some issue, I could make payment arrangements. I got calls from people who didn't have their account numbers or even know what make/model of vehicle they had.

When that job went to India, I moved over to a residential phone company, doing customer service. People wanted to know WHY their bill was so high and I would explain about their long distance calls, the calls to 900 numbers, etc. Did they think that these things were FREE? I was also expected to try to upsell phone plans, DSL and Direct TV. The sales quotas were so high, NOBODY could make their bonus money.

These days, I handle inbound collections for a major cellphone provider. Customers call in, when their phones have been turned off, for non-payment. THEN, they only want to pay just enough to turn the phone back on. Of course, it is VITALLY important that they have their phones. If the phone is THAT much of a necessity, WHY don't they just pay it when it is due?

Some calls are hilarious:

CUSTOMER: How much do I have to pay, to get my phone back on?

ME: xxx$. May I assist you with processing a payment over the phone?

CUSTOMER: Why is my bill that much?

ME: You're 500 minutes over your plan allowance, you made 100 411 calls, you ordered a $300.00 phone and you are 45 days past due.

CUSTOMER: I don't want to pay that much. Can't I just pay $20 and get the phone back on?

ME: No ma'am, you need to pay the full balance.

CUSTOMER: But I NEED my phone.

ME: I understand that, ma'am but, you also need to PAY for it.

CUSTOMER: Well, that's CRAZY! (click)

There are ones who will "agent shop" - they will keep calling, trying to find that ONE agent who will wave a magic wand and turn the phone on, without a payment. I have pulled up accounts, with 20 notations from the same day, all saying the same thing: "Advised customer needs to pay full amount due, to restore service".

All in all, I make good money, am off of my feet, don't have to do any heavy lifting and if someone cusses me out, I can hang up on them.:lol3