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A very happy ending

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I just came from re-homing a little stray I picked up in a parking lot about two months ago. This little guy had been droped off, and left on his own. I asked around to see if anyone knew how he got there, but no one did, and people working there said he had been begging and crying around there for 2 - 3 days. Since coming into my care he has been Vet checked, neutered, and received his shots. He is a lovely little guy and was so easy to house break. I hated leaving him this morning, but I know he is in a good place, and will be loved and cared for. So it is both a sad and a happy day for me. The hard part will be trying to console my own three kitties who are already looking for him, but then we have been through this before, and I know they will adjust, just like I will.
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Good for you for taking that little man in, and how wonderful that you've found him a good forever home.
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What a beautiful thing you did in taking him in and caring for him. He's a lucky kitty. Im glad he has found his forever home.
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Bless you for taking that sweet little guy in, caring for him and finding him a loving home. Well done!
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I love hearing happy stories.
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what a happy new year for the little cat and for you, too. And how nice to hear that your own cats were bonding with the little fellow already.
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happy stories like this is what makes our members so wonderful. THANKYOU
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