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I have to tell you guys........

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You know.....I just wanted to drop a short line and tell everyone in this forum how much I love this hanging out in here.

I have been designing web sites for so long, not to mention, surfing the net for years and I began to view the "internet" as a place to WORK and not a place to commingle.....

BUT, IN HERE. ..I have found genuine camaraderie with so many brilliant, hilarious, talented, friendly, compassionate people— people posting back-and-forth-and-back-and-forth on a daily basis… it's like having a slew of friends from all over the world that you can talk to any time of the day...HOW COOL IS THAT?

(It's like we're all in ONE BIG STATION WAGON swapping stories)

I enjoy and learn so much JUST reading what everyone else is discussing, too....I'll have you know that I have passed advice from this forum along to a friend or two........(made me look really smart, thanks guys! )

It is truly a pleasure to be a member of SO, whoever started this site deserves a BIG pat on the back for connecting such a HUGE group of REAL people!

What a successful, positive habitat you have created for us cat folk.

Kudos! that I have that off of my chest.......<grin>
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I wholeheartedly agree with you! Having come here for over two years now, I have always been impressed with then "neighborhood" and the neighbors. The site was developed by Anne Moss who has been pretty much absent since the birth of her firstborn son Ron. But if you go to the bottom of the page and look where it says show threads from and click on the beginning- and go to the very last page, you will be able to see and read the evolution of the site. It is a lot of reading, but a lot of fun.

Anne has done a great job in web design, and layout, in not having those annoying pop-up ads here to get in the way and of keeping the flames to a minimum.

My hat has been off to her for a very long time now!
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Couldn't agree more :-
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I would LOVE to spend a few days travelling around the countryside with this mob in a station wagon! Can you imagine all the nattering and non-stop talking we'd do about our furbabies? :laughing: We'd get all clucky and fuss over Amber all the way! :laughing2

I'm lucky if I leave the house once a week so I really love and enjoy the jokes, advice and caring that comes from thecatsite.
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I agree! This site is a really special place. It is the only good thing that came out of Whiskers having been sick. She led me here.

It is so refreshing finding a comforting place to retreat to and just block out everything else. More than once, everyone has come together and helped, comforted, laughed with, or just hung out with someone here. did and continue to do, an amazing job here! You have selected the perfect Moderators, and Hissy...we all know how much you also contribute here. Everyone involved deserves a round of applause.

Job well done guys!

kumbulu, Have you met Mr.Cat? If he offers to drive you around the prepared. Have you seen the vehicles he drives??? :LOL:
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I TOTALLY agree with everyone!!! This site has saved my life. I knew practically nothing about kittens when hubby and I got our 2 last December. I've learned SO much from here and I also love hearing everyone's stories. This site has also help me make it through many LONG 9 hour work days too.
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Chiming in with another KUDOS to Anne!!!!!!!!! Yay for her and the Catsite. Its a marvelous place. We can chat here about cats, men, children, and just about anything else!

I love it here, and have made some wonderful friends that I know I will have forever! ( Right Colby?? )

Long Live TCS!!
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Ghyslaine, I haven't met Mr. Cat yet but now you've got me all intruiged! LOL So tell me, what DOES he drive???
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Absolutely! Kudos to Anne and ALL the moderators!!!!! Keeping it alive and thriving with the lack of that really annoying pop-up advertising is a mean feat in and of itself. I've never participated in any kind of on-line chat-room type thing before, but this place is truly fabulous. It has helped me through turmoil with advice, support and encouragement. It has helped ease fears about non-cat related issues with good will. And I am completely convinced we wouldn't have brought these two feral kittens inside if I hadn't had everyone's help. THANK YOU FOR MY CHILDREN!!!!
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Thank you so much!

Not just for the compliments, but for making this place into what it is! I may have sparked it, but all of you are the ones who make it into the wonderful place that it is!

And a big hug and thank you to all of the moderators - without you gals (and boy ) this place wouldn't be here today! The mods are the ones who run this place on a daily basis - and all credit goes to them!
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This place is the first place I hit even before email! I enjoy that we come from all ages, likes and dislikes. And that we value ourselves and each other. What we share here many times are coworkers, friends or family may not totaly understand. But there is always one of us that has expierenced it. And that can make a world of difference.
For people who I have never met in real life. I feel we share the same heart if that could be possible~

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This is a great place, my first home on the web. I had never been a part of a website community before. I don't have the time now that I once did, but I try to at least hit here a couple times a day and read even if I can't respond.

Made a lot of close buddies here, you all know who you are!
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I want to add my congratulations to Anne on creating and maintaining such a wonderful site...I too have made many friends here, and this is like my second home!!! Also, many thanks to Hissy for helping to bring in new sponsers, and to the other mods who help keep things going on a daily basis. I hope this place is here forever!!! We have so many nice, caring people here, and the kindness that has been shown has really touched me. I feel like you all are family!!!!
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kumbulu, I've been wondering about Mr. Cat too. Haven't seen him around lately.

I have no clue how to insert a link to the thread I am referring to re: transportation but...if you go back to early july and find the one that says Looking for Support...., Mr. Cat had graciously offered his transportation for an adventure we all went on. It was pretty funny! (I STILL have to learn how to post a picture. Is there a TCS Posting a Picture for Dummies book out there anywhere??)

Airprincess, same here. I don't go anywhere else on the web. I think this is the perfect place!

I am in the process of making friends as I haven't been here very long. It's alot of fun!
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Ditto, ditto, ditto and more dittos! This place is truly amazing. Everyone on here is amazing. And the relationships that are formed here are even more amazing. Like I said in the Biographies thread, I am constantly amazed (got a good word there, don't I? LOL) by the quality and beauty (not just physical) of the people we have here.

This was also my first foray into the world of chat rooms and bulletin boards. I finally understood how hubby could say that people he had never met are "friends." I now belong to a couple other BBs, but always spend most of my time here. I go to the other ones and it just doesn't feel as good as it does here, and there isn't the respect for others' opinions. Here, we can agree to disagree and talk about the most controversial subjects without it turning into a flame fest. I love that about here!
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.....I like the fact that I could move to the North Pole and still take you guys with me ....<grin>
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We might get a little cold there!
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I agree with everyone! I don't participate in any other web forums, either. Something about the people here makes it so special.

kumbulu, Mr. Cat finds some scary accomodations for our travels, too.
This should help you get a better idea:
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I have to second, or third, or whateverth the sentiments here. I lurked in several groups, and they either snidely tolerated newbies, or were quite nasty. When I joined here, I felt welcomed right away. The level of acceptance is wonderful. It has also greatly contributed to my Cat Site addiction

Thanks to Anne and all the moderators for making a friendly haven on the Web.
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Brenda! Thanks for looking up that link for us! The picture of Mr. Cat's car for the trip is on page 5 of that thread! :laughing:
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I have to agree with Christy

I was on another forum before this one and you wouldn't believe how bad it was. The stories I could tell.

This one is the best by far and I want to be a part of it for many years to come. So thank you a million times.

Damn living in Australia I don't get to go on the car trips LOL.
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Split this thread earlier. Tried to make the one into a road trip and the other keep as it was intended to be. Both have the same title, sorry about that, don't know how to change it, have tried several times. But look kimward, I did finally find it!
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I love this site too. I am fairly new to the "neighborhood", but reading and posting here has become so important to me in the last month or so. This is a great group of people and I truly enjoy getting to know you all.

Thanks Anne for initiating such a great place for us all!

XOXO from Jedi!
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Like Colby, I don't always get to post or even read as much as I have in the past. Work keeps me pretty busy, and unlike some of you lucky critters, I have not even one second to peek on the internet all day. When I come home at night, getting Caption This up to daily speed is sometimes all I have time for. But this site will always be my home. It's the 1st place I go to see what's up. I have felt at home here since the 1st time I visited. This joint is like home to me, and several good friends I have made are closer to me than some flesh and blood folks I see on a semi-daily basis. I'm real excited to be meeting Ken and Sandie at a cat show in just a few short weeks.
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I too am new(ish) to the site. I've never done internet 'stuff' before, purely using it for info rather than leisure.

Believe it or not, I don't think I'd even had a conversation with an American or Canadian person before (other than to help them with directions on the tube).

This is such an eye-opener and so refreshing - to be able to talk about my passion (cats) and to talk to people all over the world with the SAME passion is just so brilliant. Never mind chatting with so many wonderful human beings with such cool senses of humour.

Huge thanks to Anne and to all the moderators. One day, when we all win the lottery we should meet up for a MONSTER cat site party!!

Sunniest location possible of course.

Pop tarts and kit kats the order of the day!
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