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Behavior question

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Within the last couple days I've noticed that my cat's tail has been hanging limply as she walks around the house. Normally it's in the air and waving around. Her appetite seems normal and other than the tail thing I haven't noticed any other behavioral changes. Anything to be concerned about?
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I might call the vet and have it x-rayed. We thought Spooky had broken his tail (about 3 weeks before a scheduled show !). It was fine and then all of a sudden it was hanging down.

No real swelling but he seemed to be upset if you touched it at the base. So we took him in and they x-rayed it. No broken bones but a bad sprain. Wrapped it up for 2 weeks and it was fine - went to show and won his usually ribbons/finals

Funny thing was that most cats would hurt the end of the tail - not in the middle/towards the base. We figured he must have jumped down and somehow his tail hit something hard and sprained it.
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Maia does that when shes depressed or bored, some cats do that when they are'nt feeling well. I would check with a vet to be sure...
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