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This is a cross post. A friend of mine owns this kitty and she's come to the very hard decision of re-homing her kitty. If any of you can help please let me know. She's in the Port Orchard, Washington area.

Unhappy Kitty Wanting New Home...

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Date: 2006-12-28, 6:05PM PST

Whiskey is a spayed, UTD on shots, house-trained, approx. 10 year old, orange, short-hair tabby cat that is very unhappy in our home. She's a rescue from Whiskey Creek Bar & Grill parking lot (hence her name) & we've had her four years. She would prefer a home where she is the only pet & has a solitary human or adult couple from which she can hog attention from. She's very independent & is not fond of children or other animals. I have a 5 yr. old son who is very good with animals but she has never warmed up to him, two other litter-mate kittens & a mini Aussie puppy. The kittens & puppy respect her & don't bother her at all but she doesn't care! She's got her nose bent & it appears it's staying that way! Anyways, she appeared to be adapting fairly well & at least starting to tolerate the new furbabies but then when Fall hit, she disappeared for three weeks, came back for a day or two to fill up on food then she was gone again. This has happened several times since October. This is new behavior, she's never disappeared before & she's starting to get thin & I worry about the coyotes & raccoons in the area. I know she's not happy & would like to see her in the right home. Please let me know if you can help! You can contact me via the email address provided for this ad. Serious inquiries only, please!

BTW, the photos are two years old but she still looks the same, albeit a little thinner.

Location: Port Orchard