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my life bores me

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I am only 20. I work all day and then I come home to my boyfriend who got laid off six months ago.

He got a second job and then got laid off there too. Then he was going to cdl school. He has one more chance to pass the test for this. Then he also may have a job through a temp agency that will pay for him to become a certified welder. This is a government job. He wont know for sure on the welding thing until after the 1st of the year. He has also been working for a friend of his who owns a business off and on when we need more money than usual.

I have been with this guy for a little over three years. I feel like I am putting up with way more than I should . I told him I wanted to get married like a year into the relationship. I still have no ring. Then he said I would have a ring by xx amount of time. I dont know if he just hasnt done it because of his getting laid off. Or if he just doesnt want to. I kinda dont even know if I should accept a ring from him until he has a job for sure.

I come home and sometimes the house work is done and others it is not. Then I yell at him about it and he may or may not do it all at once. I had to quit going to school when he got laid off because of the cost. I really dont like not having a college degree. I pay everything except for the nearly 500 dollar rent. Our costs come out about even. I just dont know what to do anymore.

I love him. I think.
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That's a really tough situation

As far as the ring goes, I know that no matter what ladies say the ring is really important to guys and they want to be able to get you a nice one. I'm sure that the fact that he isn't working right now is the biggest contributing factor.

You just have to ask yourself....do I really love him. You are being such a good gf sticking by his side the way you've done and remember that even if you do get married it will still be for better or for worse

I would have a really serious sit down talk with him to tell him how you feel. Especially about the housecleaning. If he isn't working (and he's healthy) he should be taking care of those things everyday.

Anyways, I hope things work out for you!
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Haha..Thanks. I think I may get one of those huge dry erase boards and make out a schedule of housework things to do.
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You´re the same age as me and let me tell you something.

I´ve been engaged, and went though a really rough breakup, i was crazy, i was going to murder him, he never had a proper job, never finished school, we made our own LTD company, and he left me for another woman, he ruined our company with this woman, she is now pregnant 7th month and wants an abortion because HE NOW WORKS AT MC DONALDS!!

If youre not happy with him, leave him.
But dont be unhappy because he doesnt have a proper Job, youre only 20 and marriage isnt everything!

Dont ever be dependant on a man! Please Please Please learn to be Independent! and if you loved someone, you would never have to think twice about it

I hope this post hasnt come accross as rude but i wanted to tell you that a wedding ring, or an engagement ring isnt everything!
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Yeah . I know that a ring isnt everything. Ive known people who got married and no matter what it just didnt work out.

I am the only woman this guy has ever been with. I have been engaged before also. I was way too young then.

I dont think my boyfriend would do that crazy stuff.

I just keep seeing all of our friends do this and that and it just drives me insane because we have been through hell already and still things are the way they are at the moment.

I would never be dependant on a man. That is one thing that my mom has taught me that I have never forgotten.

Thats another problem I have too. I really want to go back to school and go full time so I can get it all done. I cant do that unless I just dont work. I dont want to do that .
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