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Planning my sons B-day any more ideas?

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My 4 year old wants a pirate b-day so i have been hand making alot of pirate stuff for it. Made some invations Flags treat boxes and Pirate neckless and other stuff. Wanted to see if anyone had any more ideas? Here are the pics of what i have made so far Thanks
Here is the invations made with paper soaked in tea with a map printed on them burnt edges and a feather on top.

Here are the pirate Neckless just made with beads

Here are the Treat Boxes

Here are the Flags

What do you think so far any more ideas on stuff to make? Thanks
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A 'hook', as in Captain Hook? My nephew was a pirate for Halloween and he looked adorable with his 'hook'. Eye patches?
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Cool! Looks like it's going to be a fun party.
Maybe a banner on your front door saying "Welcome to Captain (your son's name) Den" or something like that.
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What you have already made is so creative. I bet he's going to LOVE is party. Heres a site with some more ideas........

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Everything looks great! How about an actual treasure hunt during the party? Have everyone get into teams and give a different color map to each team and have clues planted around the house or yard. Have a treasure for each team so it doesn't matter who gets there first. Maybe give a parrot to the team that gets their treasure first...lol, just kidding!

Gold coins....you HAVE to have gold coins!

Chocolate covered gold coins sounds easier than the treasure hunt now that I reread what I wrote.
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I went to the store today and picked up some pirate swords and we made pirate treasure boxes and we placed $2 in each box with some pirate skull rings and spider rings and fake gold rings and some fake jewels. We do have a Treasure hunt planed too. We got some of them cheap glow sicks and going to place them in areas around the yard for each team to follow on group will be Blue and one team Green so they can follow there color of glow sticks to there treasure boxes. Since they are all in the ages of 2 - 5 we figured that would be best for there age groups.

Thanks so much for the idea and your thoughts. Have to get some eye patches and bandana's maybe too.
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Bandanas would make excellent party hats!
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